Travis Kelce speaks out on teammate Harrison Butker: ‘I have known him for seven plus years…’

Nearly two weeks after teammate Harrison Butker’s commencement address, Taylor Swift’s sports bro beau Travis Kelce broke his silence.

“When it comes down to his views and what he said…”

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While the Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid and star quarterback Patrick Mahomes had to contend with the press hounding for a comment, tight end Kelce opted for a controlled environment to weigh in on Butker’s snowflake-melting speech. Joining his brother and former Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce on their “New Heights” podcast, the footballers decided it was “time for us to share” their perspective.

As a Chiefs player, Travis was handed the floor first to sound off on his teammate’s address to the graduating class of Benedictine College and began, “I have known him for seven plus years probably, eight plus years. I cherish him as a teammate. I think Pat [Mahomes] said it best where [Butker] is every bit of a great person and a great teammate. He’s treated friends and family that I’ve introduced to him with nothing but respect and kindness.”

“That’s how he treats everyone,” the tight end qualified before indicating, “When it comes down to his views and what he said at Saint Benedict’s commencement speech, those are his. I can’t say I agree with the majority of it or just about any of it outside of just him loving his family and his kids.”

“And I don’t think that I should judge him by his views, especially his religious views, of how to go about life,” he added. “That’s just not who I am.”

Before his brother could opine, the three time Super Bowl champion spoke to his own childhood and said, “I grew up in a beautiful upbringing of different social classes, different religions, different races and ethnicities in Cleveland Heights…It showed me a broad spectrum of — just a broad view of a lot of different walks of life.”

“And I appreciated every single one of those people for different reasons, and I never once had to feel like I needed to judge them based off of their beliefs,” he noted, bringing it around to differing on Butker’s speech.

The overall sentiment was notably similar to a statement from Reid who had told reporters at a press conference earlier in the week, “Everybody is from different areas, different religions, different races, and so we all get along, we all respect each other’s opinions…I don’t think he was speaking ill to women, but he has his opinions and we all respect that.”

Leaving aside the strictly Catholic and broadly Christian messages that Butker had delivered at Benedictine College, the Kelces focused on the cultural points that had stuck in the craws of leftists, like women supporting their families as homemakers.

Jason Kelce remarked it was “a commencement speech at a Catholic university, and, shocker, it ended up being a very religious and Catholic speech,” before suggesting if his own “daughters listened to anybody tell them what to do, that they should be homemakers, then I’ve failed as a dad…If you let someone up on a stage tell you that you can’t do that, then you’re like, ‘oh f*ck, I guess I won’t be a Fortune 500 CEO,’ like, you weren’t going to make it!”

Before shifting gears, the former player brought up his wife Kylie and her being “frustrated” over Butker’s address and joked, “Initially I said, ‘Listen, you’re going to need to go back in the kitchen to make me a sandwich,” and added, “I hope she didn’t hear that.”

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