Trudeau to roll out ‘halal mortgages’ to bolster Muslim homeownership

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s left-wing government is set to roll out “halal mortgages” in a bid to help Muslims in the country’s real estate property market.

A leftist trendsetter with a large number of U.S. admirers, the prissy authoritarian leader and his regime look to bolster Muslim home ownership with mortgages that are designed to be compatible with Sharia law, a controversial scheme that is already drawing criticism.

The plan which is included in the northern country’s 2024 budget seeks to support “alternative financing products, including halal mortgages” to “enable Muslim Canadians, and other diverse communities, to further participate in the housing market.”

“Budget 2024 announces that the government is exploring new measures to expand access to alternative financing products, like halal mortgages. This could include changes in the tax treatment of these products or a new regulatory sandbox for financial service providers, while ensuring adequate consumer protections are in place,” the Canadian budget states.

Sharia Law which is based on rigid Islamic principles prohibits the paying of interest or “riba” which is viewed as immoral and exploitive.

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According to the Toronto Sun: “The charging of interest goes against the Islamic faith and financial gains made through interest are viewed as unjust in the eyes of Sharia law. A ‘halal mortgage’ still lets lenders earn a profit with a different set of terms that can include charging a higher overall price for a person’s home (essentially including future growth gains in the selling price), engaging in a rent-to-own model or establishing a partnership between a lender and home owner that slowly reverts to the latter over time as payments are made.”

Canada’s government would be the first in North America to throw state support behind the “halal” mortgages which are already recognized in other parts of the Western world.

X users weighed in on the granting of the unfair advantage not available to “infidels” to favor Muslims.

Trusty left-wing fact-checker Snopes was Johnny on the spot to defend the Trudeau government: “There is no language in Canada’s 2024 federal budget stating that such a financial option would be available only to Muslim Canadians. Rather, the language referred to enabling “Muslim Canadians, and other diverse communities, to further participate in the housing market.”

Chris Donaldson


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