Trump blasts Bill Maher after ‘highly overrated star’ defends awkward Biden video clips

Former President Donald J. Trump isn’t a big fan of comedian Bill Maher who he unloaded on for defending President Joe Biden over embarrassing video clips featuring his senior moments.

On Friday’s edition of HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher,” the topic of the highly embarrassing videos came up, footage of the geriatric Biden wandering away during the G7 summit and having to be led offstage by Barack Obama after he seemingly “froze” during a star-studded Hollywood fundraiser.

In remarks about what the White House and its army of media propagandists have labeled “cheap fakes” in a not-as-clever-as-they-think play on deep fake AI-generated videos, the host downplayed the concerns about Biden’s obviously faltering cognitive capabilities.

“Here’s the first one. It’s D-Day. There he is. He goes to sit down. I used to do this in church – is everybody sitting? Oh, no?” Maher said of one clip. “So they said he was pooping his pants. I mean, he may be No. 2 in the polls, but he wasn’t pooping his pants.”

He then dismissed perhaps the most damaging video, the one of Biden and Obama at the Los Angeles, CA event featuring celebs George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Jimmy Kimmel where the deeply unpopular incumbent raked in nearly $30 million from the Hollywood high rollers, his true constituents.

“So then he was on a fundraiser. Okay, so he was basking in a little bit of the applause at the end. You know, he’s a politician. He’s Scranton Joe. That’s what he does. He was waiting a little too long. And then Obama – maybe Obama was like ‘Oh, you know what they’re gonna say.’ So he lead him – he wasn’t leading him off,” Maher said.

After Maher’s show aired, the presumptive GOP nominee took to Truth Social to post his review.

“Bill Maher, the highly overrated ‘Star’ of the ratings challenged show with the Fake, Loud and Obnoxious laughter pouring out of your set every few seconds, even when nothing was said that was funny (which is most of the time!), suffers from a terminal case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, sometimes referred to as TDS. Republicans should stop using him as a reference point, his show is dead!” Trump said.

The former president was referring to the guffaws and hoots from Maher’s live audience which responds to the TDS-afflicted comic’s jokes about him like a large group of trained seals.

“The Democrats have to find a way to communicate, I think, that this guy is mentally there,” Maher said of Biden, adding, “How do you communicate to the American public, ‘Okay, he’s old, but he has never lost his mind.’ Can we agree on that? He’s still got his marbles. It can still do the job. He just can’t run for it.”

Chris Donaldson


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