‘That’s a lot of fake news!’ Trump argues Biden could ‘fall off the stage’ and media will call it a ‘cheap fake’

Unloading on corporate media complicity, former President Donald Trump contrasted coverage of any “beautiful statement” from him with his rival, President Joe Biden.

“He falls up…They go along with it.”

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Less than a week remained before the presumptive candidates were set to take the stage for their first debate of 2024, but the GOP leader wasn’t waiting until Thursday to highlight one of the most telling differences between the elder party figures.

Speaking at a Saturday rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Trump segued from bogus crime statistics pumped out by Biden’s Justice Department — one of the many administration gaslighting efforts — to bogus coverage of the incumbent’s infirmities.

Raising the “cheapfakes” defense peddled by the White House after a series senior moments saw past and present world leaders coming to his aid, the Republican figure stirred boos against the media as he asserted, “Now [Biden’s] even saying that all his mishaps were fake. They say the fake news covered him in a fake manner. That’s a lot of fake news. That’s a lot of fake news back there.”

“All we want them to do is be honest, ’cause they’re all going out of business. Nobody believes them anymore. And it didn’t help when they went along with the Biden scam. What does he call it? What does he call it? You know what he calls it?” said Trump as he picked someone out of the crowd while referring to the “cheap fake videos” claims pushed by White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and others that claimed Biden blunders were little more than deceptively edited clips.

Meanwhile, as had been seen with past comments from Trump about “fine people on both sides,” “bloodbaths” and anything else that can be twisted to avoided highlighting the onetime commander-in-chief’s policy successes, he reminded, “If I blow it up here, though, they — actually, they take a perfect, brilliant, beautiful statement that I make. I go for two hours without teleprompters. And if I say one word slightly out, they say, ‘he’s cognitively impaired.'”

“Whereas Biden can run into walls. He can fall off the stage. He can fall up the stairs — he falls up. He can turn around, listen to this, from 20,000 feet up paratroopers landing right in front of him, everybody, all the foreign leaders there watching, and he turns around to look at a tree. Right? And then they say it was fake, he was fine,” argued the GOP leader as the record had shown corporate media would choose censorship to protect their interests.

“And then the press goes along with it. They go along with it. They say, isn’t it terrible when, the way they cover him? No, no,” decried Trump of the shameless coverage. “He’s terrible. The worst president in history by far. And we have to get him out or this country is not gonna survive another year.”

Kevin Haggerty


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