Trump indictment could be a gift to the Biden family meant to distract from expanding probe

Columnist Miranda Devine at the New York Post weighed in on the possible indictment and arrest of former President Donald Trump and how it will backfire spectacularly, either assuring a Trump or a Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) win in 2024.

She points out in an opinion piece published Sunday that if the Democrats really wanted Trump gone, they would quit persecuting him. Doing what they are doing currently will inspire sympathy for Trump and almost assuredly guarantee him reelection.

“Maybe they are so blinded by hatred that they can’t see that every time they use the heavy hand of the law against the former president, they just cement his status as MAGA martyr,” Devine wrote for the New York Post.

“Or maybe they are so terrified of running against Ron DeSantis in 2024, that they actually want to martyr Trump to ensure he wins the Republican presidential primary ready for a repeat contest with Joe Biden,” she posited. “In that scenario, Democratic prosecutors in New York and Georgia, and a partisan DOJ, play the role of picadors in a bullfight who soften up the bull with a thousand cuts before the decrepit old matador staggers out to finish him off.”

The leak of a potential indictment and arrest of Trump seems to be perfectly timed, according to Devine.

“The story that the first former president in American history would be charged with a crime, fingerprinted, put in a holding cell and maybe even perp-walked to humiliate him before the world is a dream come true for salivating Trump-haters,” she astutely contended.

And it all purportedly comes down to deflection away from the burgeoning probe into the Biden family’s business dealings with China.

“But, more significantly, the story took the spotlight off the bombshell bank records released the previous day by the House oversight committee, showing $1,065,000 had been funneled from a Chinese energy company, through Biden intimate Rob Walker, to four immediate family members of Joe Biden: his son Hunter, brother James, and Hallie Biden, the widow of his late son Beau, who also is Hunter’s former lover,” Devine asserted.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) has subpoenaed more bank records from the Biden clan that reveal another person involved in the Chinese money accusations. That is supposed to come out this week right as Trump is being politically persecuted by Democrats yet again.

“So for the Democrats’ spin machine, it was time for a Trump scandal, always their tactic in a ‘break glass in case of emergency’ moment like this, guaranteed to distract media attention, and keep voters in the dark about the real scandal swirling around Biden,” Devine noted.

“Enter Bragg, the Soros-funded, soft-on-crime DA who has been talking about Trump being indicted on something or other since at least 2019, and who made ‘Get Trump’ a part of his election campaign,” she continued.

Devine tore into the lack of credibility of Michael Cohen, the star witness against Trump.

“His case is a joke. The allegation is that Trump falsified business records by concealing a $130,000 payment to porn star Stormy Daniels which was made by his estranged former lawyer Michael Cohen in 2016,” she said, slamming Manhattan District Attorney Bragg’s specious charges against Trump.

“Everything rests on the word of Cohen, a convicted perjurer, who testified before Bragg’s grand jury for three hours last Monday, and then again on Wednesday. Before that he had been in for interviews with the DA’s office at least 19 times,” she recounted.

Then she brought up that Cohen’s former legal adviser Bob Costello who is set to testify Monday discredited Cohen’s testimony. The whole sordid sideshow is expected to ensure Trump’s GOP 2024 nomination according to Devine. And if somehow that doesn’t happen, the left’s worst nightmare, DeSantis, is waiting in the wings.

“Florida pollster Albert Marko, of Mavarinas Management Group, says that is exactly what Democratic operatives want, because they know that DeSantis’ support among independents and centrist Dems will ‘obliterate’ any Joe Biden repeat of 2020,” Devine alleged. “He says national polls, which show Trump way ahead, ‘mean absolutely nothing for a primary race which is a race to 1,234 delegates.'”

She goes on to lay out just how big a threat DeSantis is to Democrats.

“State polling shows that by Super Tuesday, the Florida governor could be up 900 delegates, ‘as Trump’s star power fades in major states like California and Texas . . . Florida, Ohio, Iowa, New Jersey and Arizona are all winner-take-all states,'” Devine reported. “It’s entirely reasonable to think Trump loses all five to DeSantis.”

She notes that DeSantis hasn’t even entered the race yet and the left is already panicking, “If a legal witch hunt is the Democrats’ plan to win in 2024, it just shows how desperate they are.”

“Why don’t they try winning elections the old-fashioned way, by presenting candidates and policies worthy of voters’ approval instead of perverting the justice system in the pursuit of power?” Devine concluded.

The New York Post columnist is not the only one who suspects the whole Trump drama is to distract Americans from the Biden probe. Fox News host Maria Bartiromo suggested Trump’s potential indictment might be part of a scheme to shield the president and his family from unwanted, damning scrutiny.

She spoke with Comer on Sunday about the investigation.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

“It’s very odd that this would come out just the very next day after I revealed bank records which showed that the Biden family, the president in particular, hasn’t been truthful with respect to his family receiving parents directly from the Chinese Communist Party. So it almost looks like it’s an effort to detract, But at very least, it’s another example of a two-tiered system of justice,” Comer charged.

Comer also revealed on Sunday that the Biden family may have nearly a dozen additional business deals with China on top of the $3 million wire transfer already uncovered.

“We think there are as many as 11 more deals,” Comer stated on Bartiromo’s show. “Now, we don’t know what those deals are with the Bidens.”

“This is one deal. We have 11 more to go,” he said. “And I’m pretty confident we’ll be getting more bank records in very soon.”

“We don’t know what the Bidens did in return for this money. The lawyer said that it was capital for a business,” Comer stated. “We haven’t been able to find a business… Right now, it looks like the Biden family just pocketed this money.”

“In the beginning, the White House denied having any knowledge or the fact that their family was involved in any sort of way, shape or form with the CCP,” Comer remarked. “But now we have bank records that reveal otherwise.”

Even CNN’s Erin Burnett commented that it “doesn’t look good” that the Biden family received over a million dollars from accounts tied to Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

(Video Credit: CNN)

Later, during Bartiromo’s interview with Comer, she asked former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, “Do you think there’s a coincidence that as soon as James Comer comes out and exposes those bank records that suddenly Trump is going be indicted? I mean, you were just talking about this soft approach from Joe Biden to China. We’re constantly asking, why? Why not protect America? Is it a coincidence now that Trump is going to get indicted on Tuesday after these bank records were revealed last week?”

(Video Credit: Fox News)

In answer to the question, Ratcliffe said he doesn’t believe in coincidences.

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