Geraldo touts Chris Christie as ‘strongest GOP alternative’ for 2024; Twitter takes him to the house of pain

If Geraldo Rivera wasn’t hitting the ganja bowl again on Sunday, he must be a glutton for punishment or has some secret S&D fetish because he kicked open the door to the house of pain with a tweet about the “swagger” of former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and how he is the Republican Party’s “strongest” option in 2024.

Yes, THAT Chris Christie.

Rivera proclaimed in a tweet: “Chris Christie could be the strongest GOP alternative for POTUS; savvy, swagger, moderation, toughness.”

Christie has been toying around with a potential White House run, saying in a recent interview with the Washington Examiner that he will announce a decision within the “next 45 to 60 days.”

“I think running for president of the United States is an intensely personal decision. And that’s one that anybody who’s considering it should have the right to make on their own regardless of anybody else’s thoughts on it,” he told the newspaper.

The Republican politician said in the interview that Trump is “weaker than he was in the lead-up to 2020,” and that with the former president on the ticket “we’ll have another four years of Joe Biden.” Christie also slammed the one serious contender Trump may face in Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, should he decide to run, taking a shot at the popular governor’s reluctance to support Ukraine with a blank check by calling DeSantis “either hopelessly naïve or hopelessly cynical.”

But back to Geraldo, social media users could not dump on him fast enough for such a bizarre analysis. Here’s a quick sampling of the beatdown from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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