Trump pays his respects at slain NYPD officer’s wake while Biden yuks it up with Obama and Clinton

Former President Donald J. Trump attended the wake of a slain NYPD officer who was killed by a criminal thug earlier this week while President Joe Biden partied with celebrities at Radio City Music Hall.

On Thursday, Trump joined the fallen officer’s grieving family and friends at the service for 31-year-old Jonathan Diller on Long Island, a grim reminder of the dangers faced by law enforcement professionals who sacrifice their safety to perform the thankless job of policing the lawless urban jungle that Gotham has become under Democrat control.

“What happened is such a sad sad event, such a horrible thing and it’s happening all too often and we’re just not gonna let it happen,” Trump said in remarks at the ceremony.

“We just can’t, 21 times arrested, this thug and the person in the car with him was arrested many times and they don’t learn because they don’t respect…they’re not given the respect, the police are the greatest people we have, there’s nothing and there’s nobody like them and this should never happen,” he continued.

“I just visited with a very beautiful wife that now doesn’t have her husband, Stephanie was just incredible,” Trump said. “Their child, brand new beautiful baby, sitting there innocent as can be, doesn’t know how his life has been changed.

‘The Diller family will never be the same, can never be the same and we have to stop it, we have to stop it,” he added. “We have to get back to law and order, we have to do a lot of things differently because this is not working. It’s happening too often.”

“It’s an honor to be here,” the former president said. “But this is such a sad occasion. The only thing we can say is that maybe something is going to be learned, we’ve got to toughen it up, we’ve got to strengthen it up, this should never be allowed, things like this shouldn’t take place and to take place so often.”

The contrast between Trump’s dignified presence at Officer Diller’s wake and Biden’s garish and unseemly fundraiser with Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Stephen Colbert, and Lizzo couldn’t have been more striking.

The White House acknowledged Officer Diller’s death.

“Our hearts go out, obviously, to the officer’s family and the broader NYPD family, who have tragically lost one of their own. The President grieves for them and honors their sacrifice,” Biden spox Karine Jean-Pierre said at a press gaggle onboard Air Force One as Biden was en route to the celebrity bash which raised $25 million.

“Look, the President has stood with law enforcement his entire career and continues to stand with them as they put their lives on the line for their communities,” she told reporters. “Under his leadership, we will continue to support police officers and ensure that they have resources they need to continue — to continue to do the work — the all-important that — work that they have to do on behi- — on behalf of the community.”

Chris Donaldson


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