Trump pumps his fist at illegals behind border wire: ‘Our veterans get nothing’ while migrants ‘get free health care’

Former President Donald Trump headed to Eagle Pass, Texas, to view for himself the “catastrophe” that President Joe Biden has caused at the once-secure U.S. border with Mexico.

From behind a barbed wire fence, with Texas Governor Greg Abbott at his side, the presumptive Republican nominee pumped his fist and waved at migrants attempting to illegally cross into the U.S.

The “blood of countless innocent victims” is on Biden’s hands, Trump said, according to

“He’s transported columns of fighting men,” he observed. “They look like warriors to me.”

Speaking to border guards, the former president said, “You’re in a war. This is a military operation.”

“We have languages coming into our country that nobody speaks those languages,” he stated.

In an interview from the border with Fox News’s Sean Hannity, Trump noted that the migrants receive “free healthcare, free education, free everything.”

“But not for our veterans,” Trump said. “For our veterans, they get nothing.”

“And for our people have been there for a long time and deserve something– citizens, they get nothing,” he added. “But they get free healthcare. If you come illegally into our country, you get things. And this is why they are coming. The incentive is so great.”

(Video: YouTube)

Trump also confirmed that he has spoken with the parents of Laken Riley, a 22-year-old nursing student who, as BizPac Review reported, was allegedly murdered in Georgia by an illegal Venezuelan migrant while she was out for a jog.

Riley, he said, was “barbarically attacked” and “almost unrecognizable.”

“I spoke to her parents yesterday,” he told reporters. “They’re incredible people. They are devastated. Beyond belief.”

Riley was “brutally assaulted and horrifically beaten, kidnapped, and savagely murdered.”

“The monster charged in the death is an illegal migrant who was let into our country and released into our community by Crooked Joe Biden,” Trump stated.

“Joe Biden will never say Laken Riley’s name,” he said. “But we will say it, and we will remember it. We’re not going to forget her.”

It was a stark contrast to Biden’s handling of the Riley tragedy:

In a piece he wrote for ahead of his trip, Trump commented on Biden’s decision to head for a less active section of the border on the same day as his visit.

“In a last-minute trip, Biden is chasing me to the border, no doubt desperate to shirk blame for the catastrophe he has caused,” Trump wrote. “But do not be deceived. The abolition of America’s borders is Joe Biden’s policy.”

“The mass-migration of millions of illegal aliens into the United States is Joe Biden’s plan,” Trump stated. “This is Joe Biden’s invasion.”


Melissa Fine


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