Trump says he’s ‘the most persecuted person in the history of our country’

Former President Donald Trump believes himself to be “the most persecuted person in the history of our country.”

He said as much during his highly publicized rally Friday in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

“Together we are standing up against some of the most menacing forces, entrenched interests, and vicious opponents our people have ever seen. A friend of mine recently said that I was the most persecuted person in the history of our country. When I thought about it, I actually felt that he may very well be right,” he said.

As proof, he then listed off the numerous witch-hunts that have been perpetrated against him, starting with the Russian collusion delusion hoax and conspiracy theory.

“We had a Russia-Russia-Russia scam that was covered religiously by the media, even though they knew it was fake news. They knew it. They knew it all. That all came out. It turned out to be a concocted fairy tale made up by crooked Hillary Clinton, the Democrats, and a sleazeball writer named Christopher Steele,” he said.

“It was a coordinated effort with, of all places, you know who they worked with? Russia! They worked with Russia! Do you believe this? This could only happen to me,” the former president added.

Trump then moved on to the impeachment hoaxes and the Mueller report, the latter of which was, in fact, the conclusion to the Russian collusion affair.

“Then I had impeachment hoax number one, impeachment hoax number two, and the Mueller investigation resulting in a verdict after two years of no collusion. They said Trump didn’t collude with Russia. Who’s been through anything like this? Seriously. Certainly no politician and definitely no president,” he said.

All these witch-hunts occurred, the former president added, as he was busy literally making America great again.

“All of this while I was doing so much as president, including creating the most secure border in American history, record tax and regulatory cuts, $1.87 gasoline, no inflation, low interest rates, record growth in real wages, greatest economy in history, rebuilding our entire military, the historic Abraham Accords, bringing peace to the Middle East, Jerusalem the capital of Israel, and so much more,” he explained.

And now years later, the witch-hunts still continue unabated.

“Now we have the Jan. 6th unselect committee of political hacks and thugs. And these are the very same people who perpetrated the lies that I was an agent of Russia, like shifty Adam Schiff — watermelon head — and others who are standing before the same microphones that they have for the last five years and doing the exact same thing with Jan. 6th as they did with all the previous assaults on our country and on my family,” he said.

“They assaulted my family. Think of it. Adam Schiff made up, along with crooked Hillary and others, they made up the Russia hoax,” he continued. “Then I watched Adam Schiff stand at the microphone, so sanctimonious, and say, ‘Donald Trump Jr. should go to jail for what he did with Russia.’ Now think of that. He made up a story — a fake story — and he’s suggesting that my son, a good kid, go to jail on a story that he knows is fake. What do you think about that? Not good, right? So where does it stop, where does it end?”

Trump then conceded that it probably won’t be ending anytime soon.

“It probably doesn’t stop because despite outside dangers — we have great outside dangers with China and Russia, and if we’re not careful, we’re going to end up in World War III, I can tell you that, because we’re not handling anything right — our biggest threat remains the sick, cynical, and evil people from within our country. The same people that we’re talking about,” he said.

“Never forget everything this corrupt establishment is doing to me is all about preserving their power and control over the American people — you. They want to damage me in any form so that I can no longer represent the hard-working citizens of our country.”

He added that “based on the poll numbers,” which now show him defeating President Joe Biden in the 2024 race, the establishment’s going to have to work a lot harder.

“They’re going to have to start doing it, because we’re leading everybody, Republicans and Democrats. So I guess that’s their only option. And the fake news media — these people right back there, a lot of them — is totally complicit in what’s happening,” he said.

(Source: RealClearPolitics)

The former president concluded his remarks by admitting that he could put an end to the witch-hunts by simply bending the knee and disappearing off into the sunset like the corrupt American establishment desires.

But, he continued, his love for America and its people prevents him from taking the coward’s way out.

“If I renounce my beliefs, if I agree to stay silent, if I stayed home, or if I stayed in my basement like Joe Biden did, the persecution would stop immediately. That’s what they want me to do, and it would all be very nice. I’d have a very nice life. But I can’t do that, and I will not do that, because I love our country and the people of our country. I love them so much,” he said.

“And I’m not doing this for me because I had a very good and luxurious life before entering the wonderful world of politics. I’m doing this for you, and it’s my honor to do it,” the former president concluded.


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