Trump spanks Fani after she admits relationship with top prosecutor: ‘This scam is totally discredited and over!’

Fani Willis’ response regarding her “personal relationship” with her top prosecutor prompted an outcry from the former president of the “TOTALLY DISCREDITED” case.

Friday, Fulton County District Attorney Willis (D) officially acknowledged that allegations about her having an affair with special prosecutor Nathan Wade were true in a court filing. As she defended against that relationship being grounds for dismissal of former President Donald Trump’s Georgia RICO case, he alleged a payout for the perceived persecution.

Taking to Truth Social in the wake of the filing, the president began, “Fani Willis, the D.A. of Fulton County, just admitted to having a sexual relationship with the prosecutor she, in consultation with the White House and DOJ, appointed to ‘GET PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP.'”

“By going after the most high level person, and the Republican Nominee, she was able to get her ‘lover’ much more money,” he alleged, “almost a Million Dollars, than she would be able to get for the prosecution of any other person or individual.”


Within the filing, Willis acknowledged the relationship with Wade, but contended that while a friendship had existed since 2019, “…there was no personal relationship between them in November 2021 at the time of Special Prosecutor Wade’s appointment…”

“…the existence of a relationship between members of a prosecution team, in and of itself, is simply not a status that entitles a criminal defendant any remedy. Georgia courts have held as much for decades, in both civil and criminal contexts. Personal relationships among lawyers–even on opposing sides of litigation–do not constitute impermissible conflicts of interest,” asserted the filing concerning personal relationships among the defense that included co-defendant Jenna Ellis maintaining counsel from her husband.

The accusations against Willis and Wade had been initiated by Trump co-defendant Michael Roman who had moved that their relationship made the criminal indictment “fatally defective” as payments to the prosecutor exceeding $650,000 on the case funded vacations with the DA.

In addition to Roman’s motion and a filing from Trump, co-defendant Georgia attorney Robert Cheeley had also filed in support of calling for the case to be dismissed.

Along with the acknowledgment of the personal relationship with her prosecutor, Willis was slapped with a subpoena Friday from the House Judiciary Committee as the chair, Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan (R), highlighted a failure to comply with document requests.

“The Committee’s oversight of your office’s use of federal grant funds is particularly relevant in light of public whistleblower allegations that it has misused federal funding,” wrote Jordan. “According to a recent report, your office unlawfully ‘planned to use part of a $488,000 federal grant–earmarked for the creation of a Center of Youth Empowerment and Gang Prevention’–to cover frivolous, unrelated expenses.”

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee set a Feb. 15 hearing on Roman’s motion to dismiss.

Kevin Haggerty


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