Tucker: Beware the transitioning of multiple Dems who worship false gods…all trying to be Martin Luther King

If you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed that a remarkable number of Democrats have been transitioning right before America’s eyes — not into gender-fluid librarians as one might expect given the pervasiveness of Drag Queen story hours and self-mutilating trans folks on TikTok, but into the Reverand Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson noticed, and in his scathing Wednesday monologue, he called out liberals of all genders, ages, and skin tones who have co-opted King’s message, experience, and intonations to pander to Democratic voters.

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The metamorphosis seen from the left is as stomach-turning as it is predictable, the controversial host claimed.

“Once you decide that human beings are gods with the power to rewrite history, biology and nature, the power to shape reality itself – once you decide that, there’s no reason to stop at sex changes,” he stated.

Carlson sarcastically likened liberals such as Rachel Dolezal, a “blue-eyed blond woman from Montana” who famously “declared that she was black because she decided that she was black,” to “pathfinders” of the progressive movement.

And while Dolezal may have been ahead of her time — “She was almost immediately booed off the stage and then she disappeared,” Carlson notes — those who have bravely adopted “our new civic religion, where each of us is god of the universe with utter dominion over nature” deserve some recognition.

“These are the trailblazers, the pathfinders, the Daniel Boones of progressive identity politics,” Carlson said.

“One of them is a man called Justin Pearson,” he continued. “Pearson has been in the news recently for helping to facilitate an insurrection at the Tennessee State House. You may have seen him, but you may not know what Justin Pearson was like before his transition.”

As BizPac Review reported, State Reps. Pearson and Justin Jones were expelled from the State House for their roles in a rowdy gun control protest that brought the House’s session to a standstill.

Jones appeared on MSNBC’s “The Saturday Show with Jonathan Capehart” with Democratic California Congresswoman Barbara Lee, and Capehart choked himself up as he compared the two lawmakers to MLK.

Pearson, on the other hand, did his best impression of the civil rights icon after the Shelby County Commissioners reinstated him.

As Carlson pointed out, the Pearson who spoke on the floor of the Tennessee Statehouse is noticeably different than the Pearson who ran for student government president in 2016.

“Back in 2016, Justin Pearson was an earnest young student at Boden, the whitest college in the whitest state in America, a place that costs 60 grand a year for no obvious reason, a rich kid school,” said Carlson. “Here’s what Justin Pearson looked like then as he ran for president of student government.”

Following dueling clips of the younger Pearson and current Pearson in action, Carlson said, “Justin Pearson has a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, everyone will do exactly what he wants or else face indictment by the Department of Justice.”

“Justin Pearson has changed quite dramatically, as you can see,” the host continued. “He transitioned from a crypto white kid into the modern incarnation of Martin Luther King, Jr. himself.”

“It’s remarkable, really, but he’s not alone in that. You see this all the time,” he stated. “Everybody in the Democratic Party wants to be Martin Luther King at this point. Even Joe Biden, who during the famous march on Washington, was enjoying the many benefits of life as a college student in a racially segregated state. Now he’s MLK. They all are.”

He then pointed to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who stated recently before Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, “I’m proud to be a bartender. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.”

“Sandy Cortez of Westchester recently pulled off a double transition,” Carlson quipped. “Not only did she change sexes – Al Sharpton identifies as a man – but races as well.”

“‘Ain’t nothing wrong with that,'” Carlson repeated. “In other words, Yo, my brother, wassup. That’s not bad for a girl who grew up in an all-white suburb in leafy Westchester County as the daughter of the president of an architectural firm, but don’t mention any of that. That’s dead naming these days. She’d like a gin and juice with salsa and frijoles because Sandy Cortez doesn’t just transition once. She keeps transitioning. She’s a cutting-edge shape-shifter who collects identities the way Imelda Marcos did shoes.”

The magical morphing of ethnicity and gender, Carlson said, goes all the way back to former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who famously changed their speech patterns to fit the audience they were addressing.

Even Biden has “transitioned” to black, Carlson continued as he played a clip of the president saying, “Hot damn boy.”

And what of Vice President Kamala Harris?

“Kamala Harris can be essentially anything she wants,” he said, “and two years ago, she transitioned and became a baguette-eating, beret-wearing, bicycle-riding French lady.”

“It’s too bad the Ukrainian accent is so hard to master,” Carlson concluded, “because a lot of these people would already have transitioned into refugees from Kyiv.”


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