Tucker: Biden can’t win so ‘they’re going to steal the election … they’re now saying so out loud’

Tucker Carlson earned kudos for his analysis of President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address and for saying “out loud” that Democrats will “steal” the 2024 election.

“This is Tucker at his best,” investigative journalist Lara Logan wrote on X, responding to a portion of Carlson’s post-SOTU coverage Thursday night.

“Thank god someone like him has the brains and the balls to say this out loud,” Logan added.

Carlson addressed the “dire political reality” behind all the political talk.

“Joe Biden can’t win. In a fair election, Joe Biden will lose in November,” the former Fox News host said in his response to Biden’s address to Congress.

“That’s the thing that nobody in any media wants to say out loud: In a fair election, Joe Biden cannot win,” he added. “So they’re saying the opposite.”

He shared a clip of MSNBC’s “pregame analysis” of Biden’s speech in which Chris Hayes gushed over how the president, who spent decades in the Washington, D.C. swamp, is “really good at politics.”

Carlson wondered if that is the case, then why is Biden being “stomped” by former President Donald Trump in polls ahead of the election in November.

“So what does that tell you?” he asked.

“Well, they’re going to steal the election. And we know they’re going to steal the election because they’re now saying so out loud,” Carlson said before playing a clip of Attorney General Merrick Garland’s remarks in Selma, Alabama where he claimed that the “right to vote is still under attack.”

“It was under attack in the wake of the Civil War and amidst Reconstruction when white supremacists used violence and threats of violence to stop black Americans from exercising their right to vote,” Garland told attendees at Selma’s Tabernacle Baptist Church as he railed against “discriminatory, burdensome, and unnecessary” voting laws.

Carlson expressed his shock over Garland’s remarks and pulled back the curtain on what the attorney general really meant.

“The chief law enforcement officer of the United States government is telling you that it’s immoral, in fact racist, in fact illegal, to ask people for their IDs when they vote to verify they are who they say they are,” Carlson said.

“No one ever talks about this but the justification for it is that somehow ‘people of color,’ black people don’t have state-issued IDs,” he continued, noting that the same administration is working to “eliminate cash.”

“Somehow that’s not racist. What is racist is to ask people to prove their identity when hey choose the next president of the United States,” Carlson explained.

Calling it out as “an easily provable lie,” Carlson contended that “anyone telling that lie is advocating for mass voter fraud,” as the attorney general did.

“And that’s the only chance they have to get their guy re-elected,” he concluded.

Frieda Powers


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