Tucker: Biden is now hiding HIS tax returns. Here’s where the link takes you now.

Tucker Carlson put the unfolding scandal of classified documents discovered in President Joe Biden’s home in a perspective that few others have, suggesting that the real scandal is that the United States of America is no longer a democracy but something much darker where unelected bureaucrats manipulate elections by choosing who gets to run.

In a special Martin Luther King Jr. Day edition of “Tucker Carson Tonight,” the Fox News host broke down the sudden reversal of roles of former President Donald J. Trump and Biden when it comes to tax returns after Democrat lawmakers released those of the ex-POTUS in a final act of spite before turning over control of the House, while the current Oval Office occupant has now hidden his away from public scrutiny.

Going back to the final presidential debate between the two men in 2020 which he described as a “fascinating piece of history,” Carlson recalled the Democrat candidate’s response to Trump’s statement that he had proof that Biden was selling access to the government to foreign powers, a charge that the career politician responded to by calling for the nation’s 45th president to “Show us your tax returns.”

Noting the irony that Trump’s taxes are now in the public domain while the man who pledged transparency has suddenly locked his down, Carlson asked, “Joe Biden has never had a private sector job. For more than 50 years, he has worked at your expense for the US government. Yet somehow he’s gotten rich in the process. How did that happen? How did Joe Biden do that?”

“Well Joe Biden does not want you to know,” he said. “So now, this is the great part, Joe Biden is the one who is hiding his tax returns,” informing viewers that the website where Biden had made his tax returns posted no longer links to the documents from 2016 to 2018 but rather to a Democratic Party fundraising website.

(Video: Fox News)

“But it does make you wonder what exactly was happening from 2016 to 2018 that Joe Biden might want to hide,” Carlson said, noting that a lot of “weird accounting” was going on during that period at the Delaware house where the documents keep turning up, a dwelling that the president’s crooked, sexual degenerate, crack-smoking son had declared was his residence and that he was paying nearly $50,000 a month to rent according to a background check document signed by Hunter Biden, a home that there are no visitor logs for.

“It was a big amount. On the form, Hunter Biden claims he’s paying nearly $50,000 a month in housing costs. $50,000 a month. Where’d that money come from? You wouldn’t think Hunter Biden would be able to earn that kind of money at the time, this is pre-laptop,” Carlson said. “But Hunter Biden had already been thrown out of the U.S. Navy for cocaine use. He’d already abandoned a rental car with a crack pipe inside along with his I.D. He had already left his wife for his sister-in-law.”

“Now, all of this was public information. So how did a disgraced drug addict with no job skills make enough money to make a $ 50,000-a-month payment? Who is paying and how much are they paying him, and why were they paying him? And by the way, what classified documents keep appearing in homes that Hunter Biden lived in? Those seem like fair questions. We have a right to ask them. Joe Biden doesn’t feel like answering them,” he continued, pointing out the White House’s obfuscation as well as the media’s efforts to spin the biggest scandal of the young year.

“But in any case, this all of a sudden is looking a lot more complicated and possibly bigger than just a story about classified documents being misplaced at Biden’s homes or next to his Corvette. This might be a clue to the vexing question of how Joe Biden, who was a senator for several lifetimes, was able to have all these huge houses in Delaware over the years. His wife didn’t work at Goldman Sachs. She sort of taught at a community college, kind of. Dr. Jill. Not actually a doctor, by the way,” he added.

“So is it possible that Joe Biden’s lifestyle was financed by his son and his son’s dealings with foreign governments? Apparently, he shared a bank account with his son. Keep in mind that when Hunter Biden left his wife and three children, they were effectively broke. Could it be that the money was going to Joe Biden, whose home Hunter Biden, quote, ‘owned?'” Carlson asked.

Carlson then went to a series of clips on the media response to Biden’s purloined documents, including one of disgraced former FBI special agent Peter Strzok who was instrumental in the “Russiagate” operation to take Trump down and who recently provided analysis to CNN as he made his stunning suggestion about who’s really running the political system.

(Video: Fox News)

What’s interesting, if you take three steps back, is that, say, three months ago, if you ask anybody who follows politics, who are the main contenders for the presidency in 2024?” Carlson asked. “Well, of course, they would be Joe Biden, the current president, and Donald Trump, the last president. And those are the same two people who now are under federal investigation for mishandling documents – one of the stupidest charges in our criminal code and one of the easiest to manipulate for political ends.”

“So who’s the winner here? Well, the permanent bureaucracy, who has just decided who can and cannot run for president. Maybe you love Trump, maybe you hate Trump. Maybe you love Biden, maybe you hate Biden. But if you’re an American voter, you have a right to decide because it’s a democracy,” he said.  “You get to decide who the president is with your votes. Peter Strzok and the creeps at the FBI, the people who never leave D.C., who actually run the government, they don’t get to decide because that’s not democracy. That’s something much darker.”

“And yet the two main candidates are now subject to independent counsel investigations. So voters are no longer in charge. The people who actually run the government are in charge. That’s interesting,” Carlson concluded.

EDITOR’S NOTE: After closer examination of the background screening document signed by Hunter Biden, it is clear the information listed has been misinterpreted by several news outlets, including our own. In the top portion of the document, Biden listed his current and previous Delaware residences. Under the heading “Current Residences,” there is a subheading: “Company Name” Here, Biden lists the company name, “Owasco PC.” He then lists contact information for the company, and on the next line he lists the dates he rented the space and the rent paid for that company space: $49,910.The sum referred to Owasco, not to his Delaware residence. Below the company information, another question asks if Biden rents or owns, referring to his residence. Here, he indicates that he owns his current residence. We apologize for any confusion.

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