Tucker Carlson on GOP disconnect: ‘Dr. Oz is getting crushed by a stroke victim who was already crazy’

Tucker Carlson is concerned that bad candidates and a disconnect within the GOP may prevent the “Red Wave” conservatives are expecting this November from happening, and as a case in point, he took aim at Dr. Mehmet Oz, who is currently “getting crushed” by a Democratic opponent “who can no longer speak in complete sentences.”

On Friday’s edition of Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Carlson stated, “Last night we told you the sad and bewildering story of Dr. Oz, a man with absolutely everything going for him — talent, decency, charm, money, name recognition, all the right endorsements — who is nevertheless losing by a big margin as a Republican in what should be a Republican wave election to a radical and incompetent Democratic lieutenant governor who has presided over the decline of the state and who, by the way, also has had a stroke and can no longer speak in complete sentences.”

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“Dr. Oz is getting crushed by a stroke victim who was already crazy,” he stressed. “It’s bizarre.”

“Why is this happening?” Carlson asked.

The answer, according to the controversial host, is simple: “Dr. Oz is a bad candidate.”

But, he continued, “before we accept that, before we accept that a Republican just can’t win at a time when Democrats have completely discredited themselves, it’s worth pausing to ask exactly what this means.”

“What is a bad candidate? Well, there are no bad candidates just like there are no bad dogs. There’s bad owners,” he stated. “There are no bad candidates. There are just candidates who are running on the wrong things, candidates who are talking about issues that people don’t deeply care about.”

“A good candidate,” says Carlson, “is the opposite of that.”

“A good candidate is a candidate who promises to fix the problems that voters worry about most,” he explained. “Candidates like that tend to win elections because the message is bigger than the man. A candidate with a powerful message can overcome virtually any obstacle from multiple bankruptcies to universal media hostility to a dull, orange skin tone.”

“It’s not complicated,” he noted. “Unfortunately, donors and party leaders often do complicate it. They want candidates to talk about issues that they care about, which are often very different from the issues that the public cares about.”

And in Pennsylvania, Carlson says, the biggest issue on the minds of voters is “law and order.”

It isn’t difficult to see why that would be. One only needs to glimpse the viral videos of the state of Philadelphia circulating on social media to grasp the concept.


“What do voters in Pennsylvania care about most?” Carlson asked his viewers. “We haven’t seen the most recent polls, but we would guess law and order is at the very top of that list.”

If we are to see a Red Wave in the quickly approaching November midterms, we need to have candidates that will be truthful about those issues that matter to voters.

“They’re tired of the lying,” Carlson said of voters, “and it’s the very same reason that voters will tend to reward any candidate who tells the truth about what is actually happening and what actually matters.”


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