Tucker Carlson passionately declares ‘tonight we are endorsing Kamala D. Harris’ to be the 2024 nominee

(Video: Fox News)

Vice President Kamala Harris has a new fan, and that fan is none other than Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who on Tuesday expressed his facetious adoration for her by jokingly endorsing the VP to be the 2024 Democrat presidential nominee.

Speaking on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the eponymous host rallied to Harris’ defense in response to everybody in or aligned with the Democrat Party essentially ignoring her.

He noted that the party has finally acknowledged that President Joe Biden shouldn’t run for reelection. Thus, they’ve begun bandying about different names as his replacement. But for some reason, the names haven’t included Harris.

Instead, they’ve included the likes of white men like failed Texas Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, according to Carlson.

“[T]hey’re ghosting Kamala Harris like a bad Tinder date. They’re pretending she doesn’t exist. In effect, in doing that, the Democratic Party is embracing white supremacy. How? Well, Democratic Party leaders plan to deny Harris a job that she has earned as Democratic nominee and replace her in the next cycle with yet another — wait for it now — white man,” he said.

“[S]omehow the most anti-white political party in the English-speaking world is suddenly pushing another white man for president. … Oh, not so fast, racists. Hold on a second. Now, the rest of official Washington may be completely on board with this coup against Kamala Harris, who, again, earned the job. They may be willing to stand back and allow America’s highest-ranking woman of color to be degraded and humiliated in the pages of The New York Times, but we’re not. We believe Kamala Harris is a human being with hopes and dreams and aspirations,” he continued.

“She’s a first in so many ways. She celebrated Kwanzaa before it was even invented, and of course, now that Oprah is retired, Kamala Harris is America’s main source of life-affirming aphorisms that don’t actually mean anything. Watch this montage, which we have lovingly collected. Ask yourself how anyone who stands in the way of this woman becoming president United States.”

The Fox News host then played a montage of Harris spouting a bunch of mindless nonsense.

“She’s unbelievable. You would deny that person a chance to serve?” he sarcastically said afterward.

“That is the person the Democratic insiders are tonight, ladies and gentlemen, trying to remove from the public stage, and if no one else to say it, we will. It’s wrong. Despite appearances, Kamala Harris is not a disposable consumer product. She’s a pioneer. Do you know what she went through trying to get a fair shake in the systemically racist country as the daughter of college professors? It wasn’t easy. You know how hard she worked? At one point, she even dated Montel Williams. Few would go that far, but Kamala Harris did. No wonder she’s sick and tired of being sick and tired. We get it,” he continued.

“Look what she’s become. Now, simply because she’s a moron and no one likes or even agrees on how to pronounce her first name, the Democratic Party is trying to throw Harris away, toss her out the window like a used Big Mac wrapper. Now, Kamala Harris may be stained with secret sauce, but she deserves more than that. Yes, she does. Mediocrity is no excuse for firing someone. A low IQ, a terrible personality, a total inability to do the prescribed job –  those are not reasons to deny someone a job. The Biden administration has told us that repeatedly,” Carlson contended.

The latter remarks were a reference to the Biden administration’s staunch support for affirmative action.

Carlson concluded his endorsement by reminding his listeners that democracy is at stake.

“By the way, democracy plays a role in this, too. … [D]enying Kamala Harris the Democratic nomination in 2024 is nothing less than a form of insurrection. It’s an attack on democracy and on our sacred norms. It’s disinformation, probably Russian in origin,” he said.

“Whatever it is, we cannot allow it and as long as this show is on the air, we won’t. Tonight, we are endorsing Kamala Harris for the 2024 Democratic primaries. She deserves it and so do Democrats. They created her. They should be forced to live with her and anyone who disagrees with that is, by definition, a racist,” he asserted.

So is anybody who merely criticizes her — but that is indeed the point. The Democrat Party thrives on a worldview that says minorities can’t be criticized and must instead be held up as paragons of excellence and perfection. Yet the party maintains this view only so long as it’s beneficial. The moment it becomes advantageous to instead criticize (or even demean) a minority, the rule abruptly goes bye-bye.

Harris is a perfect example of this. The left used to sing her praises. But these days, they appear to barely be aware that she even exists …


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