Tucker triggers libs when he likens Ketanji Brown Jackson being picked on how she looks to ‘Rwanda’

Tucker Carlson weighed in on President Joe Biden’s nomination for the Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown Jackson, on Friday, and predictably, he is being condemned for speaking what every thinking American already knows: “She was picked because of how she looks,” and because she is a progressive “political activist.”

It is difficult to come to any other conclusion when the President of the United States clearly promises to pick an African American woman, but now that it has happened, the media would like you to believe race had nothing to do with it. Disagree and you will be labeled a racist and your words, no matter how true they may be will be called, “the perfect distillation of white supremacy.”

That is how Washington Post Jennifer Rubin characterized Carlson’s comments, and she is a “conservative.”

So, what did Carlson actually say?

Well, first, he called President Biden’s approach to selecting a Supreme Court Justice “backwards.”

“Imagine if it had unfolded this way,” Tucker said. “Joe Biden said, look, this is the most serious appointed position in the U.S. government, obviously someone who is going to define life in this country to some great extent, so we are going to pick someone who is the smartest we can find, who is the most deeply grounded in the founding documents of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and someone who has impressive character. And that person is an African American woman. And most people would say, ‘great.'”

“He went about it backwards,” Tucker continued. “He said I’m picking an African American woman. I’m picking someone on the basis of their appearance for the most serious appointment I have.”

“Now, maybe she is great,” Tucker said. “That’s not the point. The point is that she was picked because of how she looks. So what does that tell you not about the nominee but about Joe Biden? It tells you that he is absolutely happy to defile a system built by other people over hundreds of years, the best system in the history of the world, and he is happy to destroy it. Doesn’t care at all.”

Tucker went on to cite a Fox poll which shows that 57% % of voters think it is “inappropriate for the president to consider only African American women for his first nomination of the Supreme Court.”

“Do you want to live in that country?” Tucker asked viewers. “Most people don’t, of all colors. They think you should be elevated in America based on what you do, on the choices, not on how you were born, not on your DNA, because that’s Rwanda.”

That was all it took. That’s why Tucker is a white supremacist.

He went on to point out that Jackson holds demonstrably radical ideas and has had her decisions repeatedly overturned, but never mind that. We’re not talking about experience or agendas, or, God forbid, the importance of an impartial judge here. We’re talking about what is woke, and if you go against that, you must be condemned–even if they have to take your comments out of context to do it.


Melissa Fine


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