Tucker Carlson stirs up a hornet’s nest with ‘hostile’ interview on how Israel treats Christians

Conservative pundit Tucker Carlson is taking real heat from conservatives after interviewing a Christian Palestinian pastor and attacking Israel for its alleged treatment of Christians in Gaza.

“If you wake up in the morning and decide your Christian faith requires you to support a foreign government blowing up churches and killing Christians, I think you’ve lost the thread,” Carlson stated in a recent interview referring to a small contingent of Christians getting caught in the crossfire in Gaza as Israel hunts down Hamas terrorists.

“A consistent but almost never noted theme of American foreign policy is that it is always the Christians who suffer,” he intoned at the beginning of the “Tucker Carlson Uncensored” clip. “When there’s a war abroad that the United States is funding, it is Christians who tend to die disproportionately.”

Carlson then proceeded to target Christian churches in the U.S. for supporting Israel.

“But what about Gaza? What about the entire region in the Middle East, where of course there’s very intense fighting going on? Many Christian churches in the United States, particularly evangelical churches, support that. But there is virtually never a word about the Christians who live there, the ancient Christian community in Gaza, the West Bank, and Israel proper. So, because no one has said a word, there has been great suffering among the Christian population in that region,” Carlson claimed.

He concluded toward the end of his interview, “It would be pretty easy for Republicans in the U.S. Congress to say we support the government of Israel. But if you touch a single Christian, harm a single church, prevent any Christian from practicing this religion, you’re done. Not a single dollar will come from the U.S. Congress for you. That doesn’t seem hard.”

Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac, who was the Palestinian pastor in the interview, slammed the “so-called religious right,” from whom “we receive nothing, no sympathy whatsoever. Sometimes we just plea to be heard and have our perspective taken seriously. And one of the things I’m often stuck with, whether when I speak to diplomats, politicians, Congress staff, or even influential pastors is how little they know about the reality on the ground.”

“Their knowledge of the situation here seems to be very, very shallow,” he contended. “Yet they hold very strong opinions. And oftentimes, these opinions are shaped by political parties’ positions, the United States’ position.”

Isaac also claimed that American Christians who send money to Israel are funding their military and the building of settlements, “on land confiscated from Palestinians and in many cases from Palestinian Christian families.”

And charged that Israel is “oppressing Palestinians, and breaking international law, committing sometimes human rights abuses… against Palestinians, including Palestinian Christians.”

The interview incensed many conservatives. A long list of them struck out at Carlson on X.

Caroline Glick, an Israeli-American conservative author, was among those who hammered Carlson over the sit-down.

“This is mendacious hit piece that shows Tucker’s generally well-hidden hand. The Christian population of Bethlehem all but disappeared after the PLO took over in 1996 due to Islamic persecution. The only Christian population in the Middle East that is growing is the Christian community in Israel. The Christian community in Gaza disappeared after Hamas took over in 2005. In 2002, PLO terrorists took nuns and priests hostages in a standoff with IDF forces in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem,” she angrily wrote on X.

Jordan Schachtel, the publisher of The Dossier, hit out at Carlson as well, “There are 200,000 Christians who live freely in Israel. Tucker interviewed the pastor controlled by the Palestinian Authority, who doesn’t live in Israel. Not ideal if you’re trying to get an objective answer.”

The Daily Wire’s Andrew Klavan savaged him for his stance, “OK. So, if @benshapiro, a patriotic American Jew, cares deeply about America’s great Jewish ally, that’s disloyal. But if
@TuckerCarlson spreads anti-Israeli distortions and lies in defense of terrorist murderers holding American hostages, that’s patriotism. Got it.”

Commentary magazine editor John Podhoretz stepped up as well and bluntly called it, “Anti Semite filth.”

Darrell C. Scott, who is a pastor and a supporter of former President Trump, said Carlson “is trying to spark anti Jewish sentiments among Christians.”

“He says he is concerned about Christians; I’ll accept that. But there’s no excuse for this. First, a fact about Bethlehem. Christians used to be a majority there; they are now a minority,” Breitbart Senior Editor-at-Large Joel Pollak wrote on X. “The Palestinian Authority has been Islamizing the city since taking control of Bethlehem 30 years ago. Israeli ‘occupation’ is hardly the primary issue.”

“Another fact: Bethlehem has become an antisemitic city under Palestinian control, far worse to Jews than even to Christians,” he added. “In 2007, I was told not to speak Hebrew there; in 2023, I was told to remove my yarmulke, or cover it with a hat. In the birthplace of Jesus, a Jew.”

While many were furious over Carlson’s stance, there were some who supported it.

Former MMA fighter Jake Shields asserted, “Tucker Carlson is actually America first. Unfortunately, all our Republicans are Israel first and Democrats are Ukraine and every third-world nation first.”

White House correspondent Simon Ateba also vigorously defended Carlson, “Any crazy person out there attempting to attack my friend Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) over his latest interview should have US bombs dropped on themselves and their family members. Then we can talk from the grave. Tucker Carlson has proven over and over that he’s for America First and opposes using US taxpayer’s money and bombs for endless wars that bring only money to the military-industrial complex and leave hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, including women and children, as well as Christians and people of other faiths massacred while bridges are collapsing in the homeland, and hard drugs are leaving hundreds of people dead daily. Any cold and cruel person who identifies as Christian but does not show compassion for fellow Christians is a disgrace and a betrayal to humanity.”


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