Tucker: FBI ‘every bit the politicized secret police force you feared.’ So, why is GOP ‘rewarding’ them?

Newly revealed documents marked a potential “tipping point” and had Tucker Carlson suggesting one federal agency “is every bit the politicized secret police force you feared it was.”

(Video Credit: Tucker Carlson)

As talking heads and public officials have attempted to dismiss concerns over political bias in the Department of Justice regarding the perceived persecution of former President Donald Trump, namely by invoking the federal trial of Hunter Biden, new documents appeared to show retaliation for “wrongthink” is blatant.

In posting the most recent installment of “Tucker Carlson Uncensored,” the commentator captioned a sit down with Tristan Leavitt, the president of Empower Oversight, “New whistleblower documents show the FBI is every bit the politicized secret police force you feared it was.”

“So the FBI is the most powerful law enforcement organization in the world — certainly in the free world or what we referred to in our lifetimes as the free world,” began the former Fox News host.

“So the nightmare scenario is that it becomes perverted, subverted, into a secret police force. A Tonton Macoute accountable to politicians and used to punish the adversaries of the regime,” he continued referencing the Haitian secret police force.

Documents obtained by Just the News appeared to show that the “nightmare” was a reality as the case of an FBI whistleblower represented by Leavitt showed that he was denied security clearance after an agency review found him to be in support of former President Donald Trump and the Second Amendment while opposing COVID mRNA shot mandates.

Questions asked by the Security Integrity and Investigations Section/Clearance Investigations Unit reminding the respondent of their “duty to reply,” included:

“Vocalize support for President Trump?”

“Vocalize objection to Covid-19 vaccination?”

“Vocalize intent to attend 01/06/2021?”

“What’s so baffling is that Republicans hold the majority in the House. There’s a Republican speaker. We now know — you’ve proven with these documents — that supporting a Republican for president is enough to get your security clearance revoked,” Carlson reacted. “So, the FBI is, by definition, a political secret police organization. And that’s antithetical to freedom.”

“And yet the Republicans in Congress, even though this is all very obvious, just refunded the FBI and allocated hundreds of millions of dollars to build them a new headquarters. They’re rewarding the FBI,” furthered the host. “So, at what point do Republicans say, ‘I’m sorry, we’re not gonna pay for a secret police organization dedicated to destroying us.'”

Leavitt suggested, “I think these documents are going to be the tipping point, frankly. I think that the inspector general — we expect that an investigation by the inspector general will open up. We expect that Congress is going to be doing oversight of that and, along with some of these other instances of vindication, I think this summer we’re going to see exposed quite a bit how the FBI…shown such political bias in what they do.”

Already, one of his clients, now-resigned FBI agent Marcus Allen, had his clearance reinstated at the end of May along with being awarded 27 months of back pay. Empower Oversight had made the case that Allen had been retaliated against in 2022 when he was suspended for questioning FBI Director Christopher Wray’s testimony regarding law enforcement presence at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

“It just becomes clearer every day that January 6 was, well, a hoax, on one level,” contended Carlson. “But the response to it was one of the most corrupt things that’s ever happened in our lifetimes in this country. I mean, that’s the conclusion I’m coming to.”

Kevin Haggerty


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