Tucker interviews the QAnon Shaman: ‘Is he actually crazy? Judge for yourself’

Jacob Chansley, the infamous QAnon Shaman, proved to Tucker Carlson this week that he’s anything but a deranged lunatic.

During an interview with Carlson, he articulated exactly why he legitimately believes the Jan. 6th riot was a “deep-state setup.”

He said this to Carlson after being asked for his response to leftists claiming he and other Jan. 6th rioters deserve the death penalty.

“What was it like hearing people like Steve Schmidt call for your murder?” Carlson asked.

Listen to Chansley’s response below:

“For me, given that I understand now especially that Jan. 6th was a deep-state setup and a deep-state psy-op that ensued afterward, I’m not surprised that’s what these people … what I call the mocking bird media and the government are in lock step,” he replied.

Carlson responded by asking him “how frustrating” it was here to hear members of the media portray him as a deranged, dangerous lunatic who “should be shot to death for being led into the Senate chamber.”

“Well, to be perfectly honest with you, because I understand the depths of government corruption and the mockingbird media’s corruption, it was par for the course,” Chansley replied.

“And I didn’t take it personally because I knew that all they had done is dehumanize me, but this is what the propaganda in the mockingbird media does is — they dehumanize people, they caricaturize people to fit their narrative, and that’s psy-op 101, Tucker,” he added.

Carlson replied by noting that Chansley didn’t “sound frustrated” about being misjudged by the media. It’s at this point that the Jan. 6th rioter launched into a stunning lecture about the deep state.

“The Founding Fathers described or characterized tyranny as the consolidation of all three branches of government into a centralized power: executive, legislative, and judicial,” he began. “Now, when we talk about the deep state, what we’re talking about is a tyrannical government, but the deep state is comprised of three aspects.”

“Number one, the first aspect is the circumventing of the checks and balances portions of our three branch government system. If you corrupt the checks and balances portions, you don’t need to corrupt the whole system. Just the checks and balances that keep the centralization of power from happening. So this is done through blackmail, bribery, lobbying, etc.,” he continued.

Chansley then moved on to talking about the second aspect.

“Now, the other aspect to the deep state, the second aspect is the bureaucracy. Now, the bureaucracy is comprised of over 500 federal regulatory agencies that are charged with regulating commerce. Now, these bureaucratic agencies are in effect writing law by writing the regulations that tell us what we can buy, what we can sell, what is legal, and what is illegal. So that’s legislative,” he said.

“They also have their own regulation enforcement agents that enforce their regulations on the American people, so that’s executive. And they have their own administrative courts that are outside of the federal court system, so that’s judicial. So that’s tyranny,” he added.

Next, he described the third aspect.

“And now, the third aspect of the deep state is the international corporations and the international banking cartels that have either blackmailed our congressmen or bureaucrats into submission or they, through bribery and lobbying, they have written the regulations for the bureaucracy to then enforce,” he said.

“So then in this sense, the international corporations and banking cartels are using the government’s monopoly on the initiation of force to reinforce their monopolies over our resources, our labor, and our currency, and they are using the government’s monopoly on the initiation of force to take our tax dollars, public money and put it into the private hands of less than one percent of the population,” he added.

And finally, he explained the psy-ops part of the equation.

“Now, that being said, they use psy-ops to ensure that we’re fighting amongst each other and we don’t understand or agree upon how it is that this tyrannical government has taken over the country and is forcing our compliance,” he said.

Carlson was left completely shocked by the lecture.

“I have to say, I was told you were crazy … but what you just said is true. That is absolutely true. That’s not crazy!” he said.


Vivek Saxena


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