Tucker puts Buttigieg on blast for lying about being gay after insincere lecture from his bully pulpit

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson, reacting to news that “anti-trans” Colorado shooter Anderson Lee Aldrich identifies as non-binary, jumped all over Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg for his portrayal of right-wing commentators who supposedly caused the tragedy, and for hiding being gay to serve in the military.

For Buttigieg and the Left, last weekend’s shooting in Colorado Springs was primarily an opportunity to attack anti-trans people (aka the GOP) and ban guns (disarm their political opposition). Jumping to conclusions, they told us the shooter, Anderson Lee Aldrich, was anti-trans and had to be tried for a hate crime.

Buttigieg took to Twitter on Monday, attacking the entire right wing of politics and media, who set up “the LGBTQ community to be hated and feared” simply because they “find it useful.” The secretary balled up his tiny rhetorical fist and shook it at those haters, saying that “this kind of violence” is a direct and unsurprising result of their provocations.

Now that the news is out that the anti-trans shooter is trans, Carlson was fully armed and ready for an analysis of Buttigieg and the news media’s portrayal of the story.

(Video: Fox News)

“It’s not like Pete Buttigieg wants to talk about how things are going over at the Transportation Department, which he supposedly runs – short answer, not well. No, Pete Buttigieg wants to talk about identity,” said the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host, who was eager to point out the irony in Buttigieg’s posturing.

The irony is this, said the commentator: the king of identity politics hid his identity in order to serve in the military during the don’t ask, don’t tell days.

“Until just a few years ago, Buttigieg wouldn’t even admit that he was gay. He hid that and then lied about it for reasons he has never been asked to explain,” Carlson said. “Now, he is happy to use his sexual orientation as a cudgel to bash you repeatedly in the face into submission.”

Carlson has been pilloried by the Left in recent weeks, having done stories about powerful people in business, media and medicine who have been actively sexualizing children. Especially NBC News’ Ben Collins and Brandy Zadrozny, who accuse Carlson of being anti-LGBTQ for pursuing such an angle.

But now that it has been learned that Mx. Aldrich (as he is referred to by his public defense team) himself identifies as non-binary, Carlson suggests that Buttigieg and the leftist media should change their tune.

“Virtually everything that NBC ‘News’ has told you about this shooting in Colorado is not only wrong, it is the opposite of the truth. It is all a grotesque and filthy lie. It wasn’t news reporting. It turns out to have been the most transparent sort of political propaganda. And for once they have been busted flat out in public trying to sell political propaganda to an unsuspecting public under the guise of news,” he told viewers.

After saying that he was a “little surprised” to learn of this twist that an anti-trans shooter “was himself trans,” Carlson wondered whether Buttigieg was surprised.

“Were you surprised by that, Pete Buttigieg? Now that you’re admitting you’re gay after lying about it, since we’re talking about identity? What do you have to say about that? Well, nothing, weirdly. Pete Buttigieg hasn’t said anything. Nor has he apologized for attacking other people on false pretenses,” he said.

Carlson pointed out that the response from NBC News is nothing like a confession, either. NBC is amplifying the original narrative, for now, saying that “Right-wing influencers and media double down on anti-LGBTQ rhetoric in the wake of the Colorado shooting.”

“Yesterday [Ben Collins and Brandy Zadrozny] were accusing us of getting five people murdered. Now that the story they were telling has turned out to be a lie, the opposite of what they said it was, they’re pretending that nothing has changed at all,” the Fox News host continued.

Here is NBC News’ Benjamin Goggin, who wants to call Carlson a hater for his characterization of Buttigieg:

Regarding the story itself, Goggin had this to say:

“If the shooter is nonbinary, it doesn’t change the fact the right-wing media is continuing to stoke hatred towards LGBTQ people after five people were killed at a gay bar.”

If you would like to see Carlson’s full show from Wednesday on YouTube, you can’t, because it has been removed “for violating YouTube’s terms of service.”

But you can still find tweets like this:


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