Tucker shreds VP Harris, says her role in Ukraine crisis mislead him to think situation can’t be serious

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With the devastation and destruction in Ukraine becoming more severe with every passing day and reports of Russian atrocities growing, Fox News host Tucker Carlson exhibited a marked change in his tone on the war.

On Thursday night’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the top-ranked host acknowledged that he did not see this coming but the reasoning he offered whipped the left into a lather.

Critics have accused Carlson of downplaying the invasion somewhat, while haters claim that he’s an “agent of Putin.” What is not disputable is that the Fox News host has been quick to point out that conflict with Russia could result in nuclear war and that the United States has serious problems of its own that are going unaddressed.

“So, the situation appears to be more chaotic by the day, possibly even spinning out of control,” Carlson said in his opening monologue, as Russian forces were shelling a nuclear power plant in Ukraine. “And that, we must be honest, is shocking to us. We’ve been taken by surprise by the whole thing. We’re not the only ones who were, but we’re willing to admit it. The only thing more embarrassing than being wrong in your estimates is pretending that you weren’t. So why didn’t we see this coming, this total loss of control?”

He explained why he may have missed it, citing Vice President Kamala Harris attending the Munich Security Conference last month as a sure sign that the situation in Ukraine was not particularly serious, or that it suggested President Biden had some assurance that things would not get serious.

“Well, because we assumed that if things were dire, serious people would be involved in fixing them. But we looked up and we saw Kamala Harris involved, and that reassured us. Harris had just come back from Europe where she’d been conducting quote, “diplomacy” with our allies, and that appeared to be proof this could not really be a big deal,” Carlson said.

“If the situation in Ukraine had been legitimately serious, if the future of Europe and the world hung in the balance as now so obviously it does, of course the Biden administration would not have sent Kamala Harris to fix it, because it’s not her job,” he insisted. “Kamala Harris’ job is to trot down to the Blue Room periodically to greet delegations of Tiktok influencers or to cut occasional PSAs for Children’s Dental Health Awareness Month, which is in February, so we assumed she’d be working on that right now.”

“But averting war with Russia, saving the civilized world? Come on, that is absolutely not Kamala Harris’ job. That was our assumption. But, as noted, we were wrong.”

Carlson said he “didn’t underestimate” Putin, but that he “overestimated Joe Biden,” playing a montage of some of Harris’ lowlights before concluding that “this is just not a serious person.”

He featured this quote from Harris while in Munich:

“Perhaps this is a moment, as life does present us with those moments that challenge us, to ask: What is our reason for being? And I think we all know the history of NATO and its reason for being. The spirit behind this term we use, the transatlantic community. The word ‘community,’ meaning a collection, not a collection of individuals who see themselves as a collection, then as one. And that’s where we are now.” 


“So, if the vice president of the United States interrupts an adult security conference to talk like that, you conclude that whatever crisis they’re talking about at the conference couldn’t be imminent,” Carlson said.

“The day after Kamala Harris said the words we just read, talked about her reason for being, the day after she said that, she explicitly encouraged Ukraine to join NATO,” he added. “We saw that, we thought obviously the Biden people must have this under control in some way we don’t know about. They must have some secret backchannel to Putin. They must have been fully assured that saying something so unbelievably inflammatory is not going to push Putin to invade Ukraine.”

The Fox News host went on to say once Harris “humiliated the United States in Munich and jeopardized its core interests,” he assumed Biden “would realize maybe borders aren’t her thing.”

He would then expand on the qualities that Harris does have, in his opinion.

“So if you’re looking for someone to date Montel Williams, well maybe she’s the person you would choose,” Carlson said. “She could be a solid choice, she’s done it before. Dating Montel Williams – you know – is something that’s within her range of experience. Is she good at it? We can’t say. But she has done it. But this new gig? De-escalating a world-ending conflict with the nuclear-armed rogue state? No. No, not when nuclear reactors are on fire. But they’re doing it anyway.”

Closing out his monologue, Carlson shared the “horror” of Biden reportedly sending Harris “back to Europe to see how much worse she can make this disaster.”

“She’ll be heading to Warsaw, Poland, and Bucharest, Romania, to “show solidarity with Ukraine,” which means to badly damage key American interests in inventive new ways you haven’t yet imagined,” he said. “That’s what’s going on: a crisis that gets more grave by the day, whose ramifications are clearly more serious than anyone expected, overseen by people who have no wisdom or foresight or restraint and fundamentally don’t have the interests of our country at heart when they make their decisions and Kamala Harris isn’t the only problem, but she’s the most glaring symbol of it.”

While there’s nothing funny about the development, sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying… on that note, here’s a sampling of responses to the story from Twitter:

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