Tucker sits with Biden sex assault accuser Tara Reade who fled to Russia to escape DOJ

A former aide to then-Senator Joe Biden who credibly alleged that he sexually assaulted her sat down with Tucker Carlson.

During his recent trip to Moscow, the journalist interviewed Tara Reade who claims that she was molested by the Democrat career politician in 1993 and had to flee the country out of fear of retaliation from Biden’s police state apparatus.

“I just didn’t want to walk home and walk into a cage or be killed, which is basically my two choices,” she said last year, explaining her decision.

Reade told Carlson that she sought asylum in Russia because the weaponized Justice Department – which she is suing – is after her and that she would be prosecuted under the Foreign Registration Act (FARA) which she said is a “backdoor into the Espionage Act.”

“How did you wind up the subject of a sealed potential indictment of a criminal investigation by the US government? What was your crime?” Carlson asked.

“I think not shutting up. I think because I just wouldn’t stop talking. I kept trying to push for an investigation,” Reade said.

“In their eyes, they see me as somehow being traitorous,” she told Carlson. “This is the words that they use, I think, in the USA today, there was a former CIA agent who gave a quote saying that, my thoughts about America made him viscerally angry. Because I was talking about inflation. I was talking about the fact that there’s 600,000 homeless. I was talking about the fact, you know, I, I’m involved with geopolitics. I have a law degree. I’m interested in it.”

“In their eyes, I’ve committed some sort of crime and I haven’t done anything. And that’s the thing. I’ve never committed a crime. I’m not a traitor. I’m not a spy. Not a spy for Russia,” she later added. “I don’t have tons of resources. I don’t have a PR team. I just told the truth about Joe Biden. I told the truth about what he did to me. And I told the truth about the corruption. And I wouldn’t be quiet about it. And I was demanding to be heard.”

“But let’s say I’m not going to get $83 million like E. Jean Carroll or a perfume line like Stormy Daniels, right? Or treated like with dignity in the press, like those women were, because they accused a Republican know I was attacked,” she said, noting the gross disparity in treatment.

“I want to make something clear. If something happens to me, all roads lead to Joe Biden,” Reade said in a March 2023 post to X prior to seeking asylum in Russia. “Joe Biden and DNC political machine threats, bullying and intimidation over the last three years will not work. I am not suicidal. I should not be under investigation nor am I a foreign agent. I am a private citizen.”

“I was a former staffer of Joe Biden’s that has chosen to step forward to tell the truth. The tactics using intimidation and bullying to silence me and suppress me using DOJ and FBI and social media will not work. Leave me alone. I will testify under oath in Congress if asked to do so and tell what happened and what I know. The Biden corruption must end,” she wrote.

Chris Donaldson


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