Turley warns growing factor in ‘devolving’ legal system isn’t openly biased attorneys, it’s those who elect them

As the former president felt the brunt of “thrill kill entertainment” Jonathan Turley addressed the broader implications of a “devolving” legal system.

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Much like the willingness of corporations to go along to get along with woke policies to satisfy the powers that be, an evidently blacklisted former President Donald Trump filed Monday that it was a “practical impossibility” for him to obtain the over $460 million bond to appeal the ruling in his civil fraud case.

With a reported 30 underwriters approached and no takers, the GOP leader’s plight appeared to be merely the primary example of the big apple “vortex” that set politics at the fore of treatment, according to the George Washington University Law School professor.

Specifically, Turley was prompted by Fox News host John Roberts on “America Reports” to respond to recent remarks by ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith who decried Democrats use of lawfare against the president.

“One of the most troubling things is, just if you look at New York, that is a premier legal system, particularly when it comes to corporate and business law, and we’re really watching its decline,” said the professor. “You have an attorney general, Letitia James, who literally ran on a pledge of selective prosecution.”

“That’s what it was to say, if you elect me, I’ll nail Trump for something. She didn’t even bother to say what it would be. She just said, ‘I’ll get Trump.’ That’s called selective prosecution. And people loved it,” he argued. “They elected her. And there’s this thrill kill entertainment value to all of this.”

“But the result is that most of us looking at this from the outside, see something very different. We see a legal system that is really disassembling, that is devolving,” expressed Turley. “People look at New York now as a place where you really don’t want to do business. You only get pulled into this vortex where politics plays such a major role in how you are treated.”

As mentioned, Trump’s attorneys had filed that “The amount of the judgment, with interest, exceeds $464 million, and very few bonding companies will consider a bond of anything approaching that magnitude,” after Trump’s request to delay payment had already been rejected by a New York appeals court.

James’ promise to “get Trump” appeared to leave the president and his organization with little recourse as criminal defense attorney David Gelman had argued to Fox News Digital he was left with the option to “not appeal, ask the court to allow Attorney General James to use his property as collateral, or take it to a federal court and say the New York law is unconstitutional on its face.”

“There has never been a judgement of this magnitude against a company or individual in the history of New York, so we are really in uncharted territory,” the former district attorney had said.

Of Trump’s inability to obtain an underwriter for his bond, Turley had supported the politicization of the process as he told “Fox & Friends” that “these banks don’t want to get in the crosshairs as the next target of Letitia James.”

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