Twitter buries AOC over ‘staged’ mourning picture: ‘She just knew the cameras would be around’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was torched on Twitter Friday after opportunistically staging a picture of herself appearing to mourn at the funeral of Jordan Neely, the homeless, mentally unstable man who died on a subway after a Marine named Daniel Penny subdued him for getting violent.

She could be seen in her security-protected chauffeured SUV posing for photographs with members of the public and smiling, apparently leaving all her so-called fake grief inside with the press. When asked by someone what she thought about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis calling Penny a good Samaritan, she hypocritically responded, “He should read a Bible.”

“What you saw on the subway was you saw a guy that was very dangerous. He was putting people in harm’s way. He was boasting that he may do harm. And I think to be able to step in as a good Samaritan and protect people — I think that that’s something that was the right thing to do. And I don’t think he should be prosecuted,” DeSantis said concerning Penny.

Ocasio-Cortez attended the funeral with a number of prominent Democrat figures which did not include Mayor Eric Adams or Governor Kathy Hochul. However, tellingly, it did include the Reverend Al Sharpton who used the eulogy for Neely to stir up animosity and division in the name of racism and social justice. New York City public advocate Jumaane Williams and Lt. Gpv. Antonio Delgado were also in attendance.

The New York socialist congresswoman previously claimed that Neely was “murdered” and voiced anger over the lack of charges against Penny.

“But bc Jordan was houseless and crying for food in a time when the city is raising rents and stripping services to militarize itself while many in power demonize the poor, the murderer gets protected w/ passive headlines + no charges,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote at the time. “It’s disgusting.”

Neely had been arrested 44 times. He was mentally reportedly unstable and violent. A witness stated that he said the day that he was killed, “I don’t care if I have to kill an F, I will. I’ll go to jail, I’ll take a bullet.”

Penny did not subdue Neely until he started threatening other passengers according to a witness. He then took him down with a chokehold as two other men helped subdue Neely. The Marine place Neely in a recovery position to make sure he was okay. Neely died anyway and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has charged Penny with manslaughter.

A GiveSendGo fundraiser has received over $2.6 million in donations so far and a number of conservatives including DeSantis have thrown their support behind Penny. Spectrum News is reporting that Neely’s funeral raised only $150,000.

Twitter users eviscerated Ocasio-Cortez for grandstanding at the funeral of Neely just like she did at the border:

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