UFC fighter from Brazil puts America on notice in EPIC post-fight interview

A win in the octagon was followed up with a different sort of victory as one fighter’s impassioned comments earned praise online.

“Something is f*cking wrong in America and I want the motherf*ckers to fix it, right now!”

There’s based and then there’s the kind of red-blooded, rare steak-chomping, black coffee-guzzling sort of based that was on display Saturday night in Las Vegas after the undercard match between Brazilian-born Renato Moicano and America’s own Drew Dober. But it wasn’t Dober spelling out his American dream after a three-round lightweight bout ended with a win by unanimous decision for Moicano at UFC Vegas 85.

After a show of sportsmanship between the fighters, Moicano was approached by former UFC Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier for a post-fight interview and he didn’t hesitate to share his thoughts with profanity-laced enthusiasm.

No sooner had he promised to go home and impregnate his wife following the announcement that his 62-year-old father had just made him a brother, the fighter currently residing in Coconut Creek, Florida spelled out his other plans as he worked toward becoming an American citizen.

“Let me tell you another thing, I love f*cking America, you know? I’m not an American…in two years I will be a f*cking American,” he explained. “And after I am done with fighting I will serve [as a] police officer. I want to be SWAT team and I want to f*cking kill the bad guys.”

“Make no mistake,” asserted Moicano, “there is right, and there is f*cking wrong. And people are forgetting about that. People are going crazy.”

Promoting population growth again, the fighter added, “I want people go to the church and I want people to respect the f*cking law otherwise this great country is gonna be a third world country…Something is f*cking wrong in America and I want the motherf*ckers to fix it, right now!”

The UFC has continued to be a bastion of free speech under president Dana White who recently defended the First Amendment while in Canada after Middleweight fighter Sean Strickland had bristled leftists in the neighboring nation who took umbrage with past comments on homosexuality.

When a reporter had suggested White gives the athletes a “long leash,” he clapped back, “I don’t f*cking tell any other human being what to say, what to think and there’s no leashes on any of them,” before adding, “That’s ridiculous to say I give somebody a leash. Free speech, brother. People can say whatever they want, and they can believe whatever they want.”

In the case of Moicano, social media users celebrated his doing just that as they embraced him for representing the contrast between legal and illegal immigration with one person stating, “Dude is 10% correct. God bless him for having the stones to say it.”

Kevin Haggerty


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