‘Ungrateful woke brat’ Emma Watson falls flat with witchy dig at JK Rowling

Actress Emma Watson has been accused of taking a shot at author JK Rowling over the author’s unapologetic stance on transgender politics during the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) award ceremony earning her little more than derision.

Watson had been slated to present the award for Outstanding British Film when the emcee for the evening, actress Rebel Wilson, gave her introduction. Wilson gave a nod to the Harry Potter film franchise in her setup for Watson, stating, “Here to present the next award is Emma Watson. She calls herself a feminist, but we all know she’s a witch.”

After walking out onto the stage, Watson set down the award and declared with a wave of her hand, “I’m here for all of the witches.”

Though standing with a smug expression on her face, the remark drew only a few half-hearted laughs from the audience and one “woo” of support. The outspoken activist was considered to be drawing a distinction between herself and Rowling.

Rowling recently made waves again on the left when she remarked that, as a result of a Scottish bill geared toward linguistic changes and removing obstacles for gender reassignments, celebrating International Women’s Day would be like talking about Lord Voldemort in her books.

Many were quick to point out that if it weren’t for the work that Rowling had done in creating Harry Potter, Watson wouldn’t even have a career.

Others simply called her out as being another spoiled celebrity unaware of how the platitudes they offer from their soapbox to curry favor impact the average person.


Watson has blundered in the past when attempting public displays of solidarity. In 2018, she appeared at the 90th Academy Awards with a temporary tattoo on her arm that read, “Times Up.”

It was meant to draw attention to the “TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund” which works on cases related to sexual harassment in the workplace. However, it drew more focus on the lack of intelligence among the Hollywood elite.

The “feminist” has also been criticized for remarks she has made in the past on failed relationships that led her to identify as “self-partnered.”

During the interview where Watson discussed her status in a relationship with herself, she also expressed how the success of Harry Potter affected her.

“That’s another thing I’ve sat in therapy and felt really, really guilty about to be honest is like, why me?” Watson said. “Somebody else would have enjoyed and wanted this aspect of it more than I did.”

“I struggle with,” she went on, “I’ve wrestled a lot with the guilt around that. I should be enjoying this more. I should be more excited, and I’m actually really struggling.”

However, her guilt at fame does not seem to impact her ability to detract from those who catapulted her to stardom.

Kevin Haggerty


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