Va. library ‘holiday’ display places pro-LGBTQ books ‘Gender Queer’ and ‘Lawn Boy’ alongside Bible

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A Virginia library is under fire for having set up a “holiday” display juxtaposing the Christian Bible alongside two controversial LGBTQ children’s books that have faced widespread condemnation because of the pornographic, pedophilic content in them.

The display was set up at Dolly Madison Library, which is situated in McLean, a virginity community that sits awfully close to Washington, D.C. So much so, in fact, that it contains many “diplomats, members of Congress, high-ranking federal government officials, entrepreneurs and service businesses,” according to the Fairfax County government.

According to Fox News, the display specifically featured the notorious books “Gender Queer” and “Lawn Boy.” Both have received intense scrutiny recently because of parents lashing out at school districts for including them in their curricula.

“‘Lawn Boy,’ by Jonathan Evison, includes long sections of a boy reminiscing about explicit experiences he had at 10 years old. ‘Gender Queer: A Memoir,’ by Maia Kobabe, includes photos of sexual acts between a boy and a man,” Fox News notes.

Fox News was alerted to the display by Stacy Langton, an outspoken local parent who’d only months earlier confronted members of the Fairfax County School Board with explicit images from the books.

The fact that the library would display the books despite the widespread backlash they’d triggered suggests, according to Langton, that it was put up on purpose.

“It’s so outrageously offensive. It was intentional, it was meant to be offensive,” she told Fox News, adding that the display was “pretty brazen.”

She posted a photo of the display to Twitter around 10:00 am Tuesday morning.


She added in her remarks to Fox News that when she visited the library several hours later Tuesday afternoon, the display had already been removed, presumably because of all the backlash.

While at the library, she was told that the display had been approved by branch manager Mary Prisbrey. According to prior reports, it appears Prisbrey is a far-leftist.

A story published in Connection Newspapers speaks about two “Drag Queen Storytime” sessions that were held held at the library in late June and notes that Prisbrey herself briefly participated in the event to thank its sponsors.

“Before the 11:30 story hour began, the presenters provided remarks in an interview about the event. … Branch Manager Mary Prisbrey kicked off the second session, thanking the McLean Community Center for helping them host the event,” the Virginia outlet notes.

Langton continued by reiterating again that the timing points to the library’s display being “intentional.”

“It’s a dig on the parents who object to pornography and pedophilia-themed materials in the library, and it’s a dig on Christians as a whole. I think everybody knows where Jesus stands on pedophilia,” she said.

“They’re saying that we’re not entitled to want a library space that is free of porn and pedophilia. The tolerant Left is giving you guys some holiday hate. Merry Christmas, taxpayers of Fairfax County, Merry Christmas.”

Fairfax County is one of several Virginia counties that have been rocked by fierce parent protests over the radical content being spoon-fed to children, including the books “Gender Queer” and “Lawn Boy.”

Late last month, Fairfax County Public Schools decided to return both books to its high school libraries after an ostensible “review into complaints that the books contained sexually explicit language and scenes that weren’t appropriate for a juvenile audience,” as reported by The Washington Post.

At the time, Langton called the move an “official endorsement of #PornInSchools and #pedophilia.” She also shared screenshots from the books proving her point.

Look (*Graphic content):

The stunning move by the school district triggered another round of protests.

“In order to raise concern over reintroduction of two books containing depictions of sexual activity, parents protested outside Luther Jackson Middle School, where board meeting of Fairfax County Public Schools was being held on Thursday,” as reported by WION.

“In the protest, several parents could be seen wearing T-shirts, which read, ‘Mama Grizzly’ and ‘Papa Grizzly’ and holding signs like, ‘No porn in our schools’, ‘Resign FairfaXXX’ and others.”

Langton was among the protesters, and according to Fox News, she plans to be among those who’re now preparing to begin protesting Dolly Madison Library as well.

Vivek Saxena


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