Van Jones urges Biden to reach out to anti-Trump GOP as POTUS approaches Nikki Haley supporters

Democrat CNN commentator Van Jones implored President Joe Biden to ” pick up the phone” and reach out to prominent anti-Trump members of the GOP on Friday.

Jones’s appearance on “The Source” followed a piece by Jonathan Martin, Politico’s senior political columnist and politics bureau chief, titled “Why Hasn’t Biden Called Chris Christie?”

“It’s political malpractice,” Martin wrote. “And Christie isn’t the only anti-Trump Republican or independent waiting for their phone to ring. Prominent former GOP officeholders, from George W. Bush to Mike Pence to Paul Ryan, also haven’t been contacted.”

(Video: CNN)

“None of them have heard from Joe Biden,” CNN host Kaitlan Collins told Jones. “Why is that? Do you think you should reach out to them?”

“Well, if he hasn’t, I would call that political malpractice,” Jones stated.

“We need the biggest, broadest tent possible – the pro-democracy forces, the anti-authoritarian forces,” he said. “Include Republicans, independents, Green Party libertarians, Democrats, and further to the left than Democrats. All have an interest in making sure we don’t have an authoritarian in the White House.”

“And so, if Biden has not reached out to them, look, it’s still early tonight,” Jones said. “I hope he’ll pick up the phone and do it right now.”

According to fellow commentator, Scott Jennings, Biden isn’t concerned with connecting to Republicans.

“I think everything Joe Biden does is aimed at Democrats or people who consider themselves to be more liberal than Democrats,” Jennings said. “I think he does very little to nothing to aim at the middle of the country or the center-right that you’re talking about that could probably be had.”

“He didn’t do it in the State of the Union. They don’t do it in their campaign messaging,” he noted. “Maybe they’ll get there someday, but I don’t see evidence of it so far.”

But Jenning’s remarks may have been premature.

The Biden campaign is reportedly attempting to woo supporters of failed Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley, considered by many Trump supporters to be a RINO member of the Deep State swamp.

“Nikki Haley voters, Donald Trump doesn’t want your vote,” someone posted to Biden’s X account on Friday. “I want to be clear: There is a place for you in my campaign.”

The plea came with a video featuring Trump repeatedly bashing Haley with nicknames like “birdbrain” and allegations of “un unholy alliance.”

The invitation was not met with the response Biden’s campaign was looking for.

“You are a traitor…” replied commentator Gunther Eagleman. “FJB.”

Most pointed out that Haley, for all intents and purposes, is “already a Democrat”:

“Nikki Haley voters were already Democrats. They’re supporters of warmongers like her and Joe Biden,” one user wrote. “That said, President Trump will take great care of them once he’s sworn in next January.

“Trump, unlike Biden, is a uniter who loves all Americans.”

Melissa Fine


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