Frank Luntz explains to confused CNN host why evangelicals flock to Trump

Pollster Frank Luntz tried on Friday to explain to an oblivious CNN host why Evangelical Christians overwhelmingly support former President Donald Trump.

While the reasons should be obvious — Trump helped repeal Roe v. Wade, staunchly supports religious liberty, and has been an ally to Christians — host Brianna Keilar just couldn’t figure it out.

Indeed, in her opinion, Evangelicals should revile Trump because — wait for it — he’s an imperfect human being who’s said and done imperfect things.

For example, when asked in 2015 about whether he’d ever asked God for forgiveness, he essentially said no.

“I’m not sure I have,” he replied. “I just go and try and do a better job from there. I don’t think so.”


And then when asked that same year to cite his “favorite Bible verses,” he refused, claiming it’s “very personal.”

Because of these tiny foibles, Keilar just couldn’t get it through her head why Evangelicals like the guy.

“Despite these moments and others to this day, polls show white Evangelical voters are hugely behind him. Why?” she asked Luntz on Friday.

Listen to his response below:

“I know it sounds contradictory, but they trust him to protect those of faith,” Luntz began. “Now, some people think it’s gone too far. And notice I said the word faith, not religion. This is about faith. It’s about a private relationship between you and your God. And religion is the named brand of it. And that’s not really what this is about.”

“Voters – Evangelical voters – trust Donald Trump to protect them and to allow them to practice their faith, and they don’t have the same confidence with the Democratic Party, just as Democrats trust the ability to keep religion and government separate. This is why you have Democrats and Republicans,” he added.

He was right. Evangelical voters do trust Trump, precisely because he’s already delivered on so many fronts.

Luntz continued his explanation by getting a little personal.

“I just find it unseemly that you’re hawking a Bible,” he said. “You hawk sneakers a few weeks ago. You sell perfume, trading cards. You used to sell beef or meat whatever you want to call it. It doesn’t seem proper.”


FYI, this opinion was not well-received on social media:

“But I want to emphasize it doesn’t seem to matter. The public is still narrowly in favor of Trump. So, clearly, something is going on that all of these issues do not seem to be having the impact that one would expect,” Luntz continued.

His explanation wasn’t bad, though it could have been better. Consider what Trump-supporting Pastor Robert Jeffress told the Associated Press last year as an example of a better explanation.

“Conservative Christians continue to overwhelmingly support Donald Trump because of his biblical policies, not his personal piety,” he said. “They are smart enough to know the difference between choosing a president and choosing a pastor.”

Exactly. It’s all about the policies, stupid.

Vivek Saxena


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