Vermont HS bans girl’s volleyball team from own locker room over dispute with trans teammate

With science being readily ignored it’s only natural that logic and reason would follow suit and thus a Vermont high school girls’ volleyball team has found themselves banned from their locker room after they were made to feel uncomfortable.

The progressive push to treat certain demographics as protected classes of citizens has always ignored the fact that the smallest minority group is and always has been the individual. So, when Randolph Union High School (RUHS) administrators in Randolph, VT decided to put the feelings of one boy who wants to be a girl ahead of the feelings of actual girls, there was nowhere to go but conflict.

“It’s a huge thing,” RUHS volleyball player Blake Allen told WCAX after she had been banned from her own locker room. “Everyone’s asking, like, ‘So why aren’t you allowed in the locker room?”

Screengrab: Blake Allen speaks with WCAX

As Allen described, the ban began after the school permitted a boy to use the girls’ locker room under the Vermont Agency of Education (AOE) policy, and while the girls were changing, he had allegedly made an inappropriate comment.

A dispute was said to have followed and the concerns of the girls were overlooked in favor of the boy, triggering an investigation into whether or not he had been harassed.

“My mom wants me to do this interview to try to make a change,” Allen told the outlet as she expressed her views. “I feel like for stating my opinion–that I don’t want a biological man changing with me–that I should not have harassment charges or bullying charges. They should all be dropped.”

In the meantime, the 10 girls who expressed their discomfort with having to change in front of a boy have been prohibited entry into the girl’s locker room, even to change for gym class. Instead, Allen explained, “They want all the girls who feel uncomfortable, so pretty much 10 girls, to get changed in a single-stall bathroom, which would take over 30 minutes when, if one person got changed separately, it would take a minute, like no extra time.”

The girl reportedly didn’t even take issue with the boy being a member of their girl’s team, only of his presence in their locker room adding, “There are biological boys that go in the girls’ bathroom, but never a locker room situation.”

Lisa Floyd, co-principal of RUHS had contended that student safety was the top priority of the district and the school further added that the measure taken was not meant to be construed as choosing a side in the dispute as the investigation continues.

AOE policy dictates, “The use of restrooms and locker rooms by transgender students requires schools to consider numerous factors…” However, it further stipulates, “A transgender student should not be required to use a locker room or restroom that conflicts with the student’s gender identity.”

Kevin Haggerty


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