Virginia Democrats, teachers scared ‘to death’ of Gov. Youngkin’s CRT tip line

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For some inexplicable reason, teachers in Virginia are scared “to death” over a tip line established to help parents expose the teaching of racial essentialism.

The line is specifically designed to expose “practices like teaching that one group is inherently privileged and another is a victim or that in fact people today should be held responsible for the sins of the past,” Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin said during an appearance last Monday on local radio station WJFN.

As an example, he cited the case of a Fairfax County high school class that had forced students to play a racial essentialist game called “privilege bingo.”

“These are the fundamental tenets that critical race theory has embedded in our school system and I think it’s laughable when people say there is not a critical race theory course in the class. Well, of course they’re not,” Youngkin told radio show host and station owner John Fredericks.

“These are the tenets that have made their way into the classroom and when you see a privilege bingo being used in high school, all you can do is shake your head and say this is exactly what we’re talking about and why I signed that executive order.”

Signed immediately after Youngkin took office, the executive order banned the teaching of critical race theory, an all-encompassing term that refers to any and all forms of racial essentialism.

This ban triggered anger from the apparently pro-racial essentialist left. When Youngkin announced the tip line shortly thereafter, the anger erupted into rage.

“News of the tip line, which Youngkin casually publicized during a radio interview, prompted swift fury from Democrats. On social media, critics of the tip line proposed to flood it with spam. In the legislature, Democrats assailed Youngkin-backed legislation that would codify a ban on ‘divisive concepts,'” the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported.

Among the critics was Virginia House Rep. Don Scott, a black man, who delivered a speech on the House floor equating the banning of racial essentialism to “the old Southern strategy to use race as a wedge issue, to use black bodies as a prop in your campaigns.”

Democrats such as Scott, in addition to their plethora of media allies, have falsely framed this issue as one pertaining to the teaching of history — and this despite an abundance of evidence to the contrary.

The evidence has made it clear that children are being indoctrinated to view whites as “oppressors” who deserve to be discriminated against and ostracized. The irony is that this thinking makes whites the real victims and CRT-proponents like Scott the true oppressors.

But to be clear, CRT isn’t just an anti-white ideology. It also directs hate at Asians for the crime of performing well in American society:

Nevertheless, some Virginia teachers are scared “to death” of Youngkin’s tip line, according to Virginia history teacher Dianne Carter de Mayo.

“De Mayo said that among the educators she knows, reaction to the news was mostly fear. … The Black educator said she recently got a call from an elementary school teacher who was second-guessing her work amid news of the tip line,” the Times-Dispatch notes.

“Someone’s career and livelihood could be endangered. It’s scaring people to death. The [black educator] had been assigned the bulletin board of the month, which in February would usually be themed for Black History Month. She was saying, ‘What if I get reported to the governor for what I put up?’ It’s horrifying,” De Mayo told the paper.

It’s not clear why the “black educator” is concerned. Unless she intends to “put up” material that disparages whites and Asians for simply being white or Asian, it appears she has no reason to worry. This, of course, isn’t mentioned by the Times-Dispatch. But the paper does note that De Mayo is “a local Democratic activist.”

Democrats such as her are also angry over proposed legislation by state Republicans that would formally ban (Youngkins’ EO can eventually be revoked by a future governor) the teaching of “inherently divisive concepts.”

These concepts include the notion that some people are “inherently racist, sexist or oppressive, whether consciously or subconsciously,” and the notion that “meritocracy or traits, such as a hard work ethic, are racist or sexist or were created by a particular race to oppress another race.”

Speaking with the Times-Dispatch, black Virginia Sen. Mamie Locke said, “All of a sudden we have a problem with instruction in our schools, when all throughout my high school career, I was taught that I was inherently inferior.”

Assuming what she said about being taught that she’s inferior is true — she offered zero evidence to substantiate the claim — she apparently believes that two wrongs make a right, and that it’s not OK to mistreat whites.

Incidentally, this is the exact same mindset of notorious CRT proponent Ibram Kendi, a veritable black supremacist who’s posited that to make up for the sins of the past against black people, new sins must be committed against white people.

Sadly, this mentality has infected all of American society, to the point that even taxpayer-funded institutions like the National Museum of African American History and Culture have been caught teaching that those traits that define quality character — polite behavior, hard work ethic, respect for authority, etc. — are part of “white culture.”


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