Virginia School board member gets sworn in on a stack of ‘LGBTQ themed’ books

There may be increasing pushback on the indoctrination of America’s impressionable youth into homosexuality and transgenderism by radical left educators but they remain as determined as ever to push their warped agenda.

One example of the battle for the minds of children is a shocking video of a Fairfax, Virginia school board member being sworn into office, not on a Bible, but on a stack of “LGBTQ themed” books, some reportedly including graphic sexual content.

Video of the swearing-in of board member Karl Frisch making a big deal of the supposedly “banned” books was posted to social media where it drew a strong reaction from those who were appalled by the in-your-face message that the left’s cultural revolution will continue despite the concerns of parents about what their kids are being exposed to in classrooms.

“Last night in Virginia, Fairfax County School Board member @KarlFrisch was sworn in on a stack ‘LGBTQ themed’ books, including one that depicts naked teenage boys,” wrote Nicki Neily of the grassroots organization Parents Defending Education on X.

“Don’t forget that the ‘book ban’ narrative is part of a dishonest political campaign aimed at attacking parents,” she said. “Families wanting age-appropriate material in their children’s schools is NOT ‘book banning,’ it’s common sense.”

The “banned” books reportedly included the controversial “Gender Queer” with its graphic depictions of homosexual oral sex and masturbation and “Flamer,” a graphic novel that according to Fox News Digital, features characters who “discuss erections, penis size and the illustrations depict naked teenage boys.”

The video of Frisch’s swearing-in was greeted with shock and disgust by X users.

Democrats and other elements of the depraved left are lying about the supposed banning of certain books that are inappropriate for children and don’t belong in school libraries as all of the “banned” books are readily available on Amazon and elsewhere.

Chris Donaldson


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