WaPo says ‘Shark Week’ has too many ‘Mikes’, lacks ‘diversity’; gets former host Mike Rowe’s attention

Former “Shark Week” host Mike Rowe came across a Washington Post article that ridiculously claimed there are too many “men named Mike” on the show and that it lacks “diversity,” humorously eliciting the perfect response from the “Dirty Jobs” host.

Rowe hosted the Discovery Channel week-long show in 2006 and 2008. After quipping his own response before his morning coffee, he decided to take a well-deserved poke at The Washington Post on Facebook

“Good Morning. As a white male named Mike who hosted Shark Week more than once, this headline caught my eye in The Washington Post. I saw it this morning, shortly after awakening in New York City, where I’ve come to promote another Season of Dirty Jobs, which as you may have heard, premieres this Sunday at 8pm on Discovery. I have not yet had my coffee, or time to formulate a cogent response, but in the course of promoting a new season of Dirty Jobs, (Sunday at 8pm on Discovery,) I suspect I might be asked to respond specifically to this headline. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please leave them in the comments below,” he wrote.

“Unless of course, you’re a white guy named Mike. I think we’ve all heard quite enough from you…” he snarked before signing off, plugging his new show and adding the perfect note, “PS Dirty Jobs, as you may have heard, is back. Sundays at 8pm. PPS. Gotta wonder how former Shark Week host, Mike Tyson, is taking the news…”

“Shark Week” programming “overwhelmingly featured White men as experts,” reporter Daniel Wu of The Washington Post wrote. He then quoted one of the study’s co-authors, charging, “When there are hundreds of people of color interested who work in this field, [and] when my field is more than half women, maybe it’s not an accident anymore that they’re only featuring White men.”

Proving that there is no facet of American society that can’t be offended, Wu went on to claim that “more than half of the members of the American Elasmobranch Society, an academic group supporting the study of sharks and other fish [as if you didn’t know that], are women, but over 70 percent of the group’s leadership positions have been held by men. Women in marine sciences can also face a misogynistic culture, marine biologist Catherine Macdonald wrote in Scientific American in 2020.”

Former boxer Mike Tyson, who is as diverse as it gets, appeared on “Shark Week” in 2020. He took part in a stunt labeled “Rumble on the Reef,” where he placed a shark into toxic immobility by grabbing its nose.

“I am champion of the shark!” Tyson shouted after doing so.

(Video Credit: Discovery)

Another Mike who graced the show was swimmer Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time. He appeared in 2017 on “Shark Week” where he was videoed “racing” against a great white shark.

(Video Credit: Discovery)

It should be pointed out that sharks pretty much don’t care what race or gender you are. You are still on the menu… they’re so very diverse in that respect.

As the Washington Post decries white men on “Shark Week,” Mike Rowe is pointing out that “7 million able-bodied men between the ages of 25 and 40 are not only not working, but also aren’t even looking for a job.”

(Video Credit: Fox News)

Many wonder why the leftist media is even relevant anymore with this kind of reporting or lack thereof.

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