Schumer urges Dems to quickly pass massive Omnibus spending bill before GOP House takes control

Proving once again that he could care less about the will of the American people, Senate Majority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) admitted that he wants Democrats in Congress to use the lame-duck period between now and January, when Republicans regain control of the House, to pass an omnibus spending bill that will fund government spending for the entirety of next year, preventing Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) from “having any control” over the amount of taxpayer money that will be thrown at liberal causes, such as climate change and the war in Ukraine.

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As BizPac Review reported, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham sounded the alarm over the upcoming need to fund the government earlier this month.

“Now, on December 16, the government will run out of money,” she stated in the opening monologue of “The Ingraham Angle,” and according to her, “Republicans are going to cave” to Democrats and opt for the omnibus solution.


As Ingraham noted, Congress has three options come Dec. 16: 1) shut the government down and “cease federal spending on all nonessential services”; 2) “pass a temporary spending bill in the form of what’s called a continuing resolution”; or 3) pass a “ginormous spending bill, that would fund the entire government for the coming year.”

It is the third option, said Ingraham, that “both Schumer and [Minority Leader Mitch] McConnell apparently prefer” and it “puts Republicans in a box.”

“With spending questions off of the table, they’ll lose most of the real leverage they had to advance their own priorities in the new year,” she explained.

And clearly, that is exactly what Schumer is hoping for.

“Well, first, we hope to get an omnibus done, a spending bill for the whole next year, to avoid the problem of McCarthy having any control,” he stated on Wednesday’s episode of MSNBC’s “All In.”

“We’re working. Obviously, we have to come to a bipartisan agreement,” he said. “We’re working with them on that regard. There are negotiations going on. And in fact, one of the things that helps us is, even Republican hawks on military stuff realize that if we had a CR, a continuing resolution, that would really hurt our troops, our military readiness, etc. So, we’re pushing hard to get an omnibus bill there.”

But that is not what the American voters from either party appear to want.

According to grassroots advocacy group FreedomWorks, “A majority of #voters say that next year’s budget should be approved by the newly elected Members of Congress in January. Just 22% say that the lame duck session of Congress should complete next year’s budget now.”

“Rather than pass an Omnibus spending bill right away, 62% of #voters believe Congress should WAIT and give the new Congress time to READ and consider budget proposals,” the group continued, noting that the opinion is shared by a majority of both Republicans (76%) and Democrats (51%).

What’s more, says FreedomWorks, “Seventy-three percent (73%) believe that an Omnibus spending bill would include wasteful spending and favors to special interest groups.”

Melissa Fine


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