WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin has heads spinning with contradicting takes on Ron DeSantis

The pre- and post-election offerings from Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin expose what a shill she is for the Democratic Party.

In a piece offered before the midterms, when delusional liberals held out hope that an uninspired political chameleon named Charlie Crist would somehow pull off an upset and defeat Florida’s popular Gov. Ron DeSantis, Rubin wrote about how “unimpressive” the Republican governor was, “outside the right-wing media bubble,” a message that appeared to be targeting independent voters.

Yet, a short few weeks later, after DeSantis wiped the floor with Crist, defeating the Democrat by nearly 20 points, Rubin was once again electioneering for Democrats by warning that DeSantis is “as much a threat to America as Trump.”

The difference being that with DeSantis’ thorough dominance at the ballot box and many in the GOP rallying behind him, seeing him as the future of the party, the left now has good reason to fear him.

DeSantis is a fighter much like Trump, but many on the right will argue he is a sharper, more disciplined fighter who doesn’t hand the opposition the tools with which they can defeat him. And he’s a candidate who appeals to independent voters for his bold, no-nonsense leadership qualities.

As for Rubin, another Rubin — unrelated conservative Dave Rubin — had an ask for new Twitter boss Elon Musk amid all the liberal hoopla over Twitter impersonations.

“Hey @elonmusk, can you make a rule that there can be only one Rubin on Twitter and then I have to fight it out with Jennifer in the Thunderdome? Think I can get Tina Turner to sign on. Just need the go ahead from you…,” he tweeted.

If only… if only.

One thing is certain if DeSantis ever becomes the GOP frontrunner, the same corrupt media that spent the last 6 years plus demonizing and undermining Donald Trump at every turn will redirect that energy toward destroying the Republican governor — Jennifer Rubin’s just setting the stage.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story from Twitter:

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