War-themed Iran amusement park arms kids with AK-47s to fire at US flags

A chilling war-themed amusement park for kids in Iran arms them with AK-47s for firing at US flags and effigies of Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu to prepare them for killing enemies of the Islamic regime.

The government-run park caters to boys ranging in age from 8 to 13. They dress as soldiers and are armed with AK-47s that fire plastic bullets according to the Daily Mail. As part of the festivities, they crawl through barbed wire and conduct military routines.

The war-prep amusement park is located near Iran’s second-largest city, Mashhad, and is called the City of Games for Revolutionary Children. It is free for visitors.

“Children can dress up in military fatigues and play with AK-47s while they supposedly learn about the Iran-Iraq war of 1980 to 1988 – known to Iranians as ‘The Holy Defense,'” the Daily Mail reported.

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Mock fighting in Syria also takes place with the intent to educate the boys concerning the engagement of ISIS.

“Instructors have built control towers, sand-bagged checkpoints stuffed with replica assault rifles, grenades, and land-mines and radios to relay messages to the child soldiers,” The Sun reported.

Those who visit the park are allowed to take part in activities there that include scaling walls as well as crawling through barbed wire. For a special touch of reality, staff members yell orders and speakers blare recorded machine gun fire.

The amusement park is incredibly popular in Iran according to the Daily Mail. So much so that the government is allegedly considering extending its schedule to meet demand.

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In an interview with Iranian Raja News, Cultural Center Director Hamid Sadeghi discussed the park and the children’s activities there.

“The children follow various paths simulating fighting the enemy, and at some places, the children learn about simple [combat] methods such as firing plastic artillery shells at a simulated enemy as well as aiming and firing a rifle with plastic bullets at [an effigy] of Netanyahu and at US and Israeli flags,” he told the media outlet.

“[Afterwards,] the children are blindfolded and asked to throw a ball at an Israeli flag in the form of a puzzle and knock it down, and then to assemble a puzzle of an Iranian flag,” Sadeghi added. “The children learn that the most important element[s] for attaining victory are wisdom and intelligence for fighting the enemy.”

While Iran engages in a war-themed amusement park to prep boys for military recruitment, one of its terrorist proxy countries, Yemen, enlists children into its military ranks to fight in the country’s ongoing civil war.

“The Yemeni civil war began in late 2014 – when Houthi forces took over the capital city Sanaa, which was followed by a rapid Houthi takeover of the government,” the Daily Mail noted.

Those are the same Houthi terrorists who are currently hitting the Red Sea with drone and missile attacks, aiming at cargo ships they claim are aiding Israel. However, they have recently hit a US-owned cargo ship and have repeatedly targeted ships that were not going to Israel.

“The Iranian-backed group of Houthis were struck by U.S. missiles on Tuesday – the third assault on the rebels in recent days. The strike came as the Iranian-backed Houthis claimed responsibility for a missile attack against the Malta-flagged bulk carrier Zografia in the Red Sea,” the Daily Mail wrote.

The ship was hit, but no one was injured. The vessel had been heading north to the Suez Canal when it was attacked, the Greek Shipping and Island Policy Ministry said,” the media outlet stated.

Sources who have witnessed the war in Yemen claim that children as young as seven have been seen manning checkpoints. The UN reported that between January 2020 and May 2021, approximately 2,000 children died in battle for the Houthis.


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