Watters lays out game plan in inaugural show that vows to be different; shares some truly personal info

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Jesse Watters kicked off his maiden episode of “Jesse Watters Primetime,” and the show intro suggests the program may be a little different from the standard Fox New fare.

“Are you ready, America?” Watters asked, before laying out his game plan, telling viewers he will seek to expose those who disrespect the American people and vowing to listen to the folks — the Fox News host even displayed his cellphone number so viewers can text him.

“The American people have run out of patience, and we’re tired of being disrespected,” he proclaimed. “Ignorant, greedy leaders sold out our factories and pride to the Chinese Communists for unpatriotic profits. Deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan; wars shamefully mismanaged took a physical and mental toll. We were oversaturated with highly addictive painkillers, while Wall Street blew up the economy and escaped with golden parachutes instead of prison stripes.”

Watters said cyber warriors try to divide up by race “to distract us from the real division: class.”

“The left romanticized rage and resistance for four straight years, but now they want to cancel you for just daring to disagree,” he said. “And just as we came up for air, a sketchy virus slipped out of the very country we arrogantly misjudged two decades ago when we brought them into the [World Trade Organization].”

“Then they locked us down. Shuttered our businesses, and closed our schools. Well, they bought the dip and capitalized on the new normal — the permanent pandemic power grab. And after everything, turns out we were right from the very beginning, weren’t we?” Watters continued. “Am I being too dramatic? Probably. But do I know what I’m talking about? Of course, I do. The American people have been disrespected for far too long and that stops tonight. We will be exposing the scoundrels, celebrating the patriots and making sure we are respected. Whenever some snob or idiot disrespects us, we will confront them and tell them what’s up. And they better start listening.

He said the “same goes for all the crooked politicians out there,” warning them that “every night we’ll remind them they work for us.”

“Am I taking myself too seriously?” Watters asked. “Maybe. But we’ll figure it out. Bottom line, the country is screaming out listen to us and we will. Here’s one way how. As most of you know my mom is always texting me to tell me how she feels and that’s not fair. Especially for me, because she is such a big lib. So we are going to try something new. I’m going to give out my phone number so you can text me, too. It will always be right there at the bottom of your screen.

Saying he is “always, always been about connecting with the people and telling it straight,” Watters then played a montage of the same in-the-street type interviews he used to do on “The O’Reilly Factor,” which opened the door for him at Fox News.

The Fox News host closed out the segment with a promise backed by his trademark charm, “Stick with me for one reason, because I love you. This is a love story. And unlike Biden, I actually will outperform expectations.”

Tom Tillison


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