‘We can’t allow that’: Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears backs veto of bill allowing ‘Dreamers’ to become cops

Virginia Republican Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears applauded on Friday a string of vetoes by Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin that killed 22 bills from the Democratic-led state legislature.

Among the rejected bills was legislation that would have allowed recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Act (Dreamers) to become eligible for jobs in law enforcement.

(Video: Fox Business)

Appearing on “The Big Money Show,” Sears told Fox Business, “Here’s the situation — we just have all become border states, and by the way, you notice that those states that claim to be… sanctuary states, sanctuary cities — suddenly they’re backing away from it when they realize that no, actually, Texas is not going to bear the burden of all of the folks coming across the border illegally, you’re going to have to share some of the pain.”

“They did it all politically. It is all for show, and now you have to put the money where your mouth is,” she said.

“Or, actually, the taxpayer’s money is at stake,” she corrected herself. “So they are trying to back off of it. They want the federal government to be funding whatever their priorities are.”

“Virginia, we’re going to protect you,” she vowed “We’re going to make sure we know who’s in the community. We’ve got fentanyl coming across the border, killing four or five Virginians every day. We can’t allow that. We have to make sure that we know who’s here.”

The bills he vetoed included legislation to “protect illegal immigrants, or impede law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and judges from holding criminals accountable and bringing them to justice,” Youngkin said in a statement, according to Fox Business.

“Some of these people… said that you could simply become a law enforcement officer,” Sears said on Friday. “Excuse me, we don’t even know who you are. We don’t know your intentions. You could have good intentions, but we don’t know that.”

The outspoken Lt. Gov. also confirmed that the plan to move the NBA’s Washington Wizards and NHL’s Washington Capitals out of crime-plagued D.C. have stalled. The teams would have been relocated next to Ronald Reagan-Washington National Airport, to a growing commercial area on the safer side of the Potomac.

“Team executive Ted Leonsis, Youngkin, Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., and Alexandria Democratic Mayor Justin Wilson came together in December to celebrate the initial project,” Fox Business reports. “The legislation to create the $2 billion entertainment district in Potomac Yards was blocked in February in the State Senate Finance & Appropriations Committee, according to WRIC.”

The deal would have an estimated $12 billion, 30,000-job impact on Virginia, Sears said, suggesting the deal isn’t doomed yet.

“We’ve got to have, as we like to say, ‘Peace in the Valley’ and everybody singing ‘Kumbaya,'” she said, “because this is for the good of Virginia.”

Melissa Fine


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