‘We were so close’: Trump talks 2024, says New York AG ignored ‘unwritten law’ in attacking him

Former President Donald Trump teased his own 2024 run for office, slammed New York Attorney General Letitia James’ civil lawsuit against him, and more during an exclusive interview this week with Fox News host Sean Hannity.

On the topic of James’ lawsuit, which she filed Wednesday, the former president complained on Fox News’s “Hannity” about the timing by suggesting it was improper for her to file the suit only weeks out from a major U.S. election:

“I was attacked today by Democrats from the state of New York. And there’s a rule. It’s an unwritten law. You never do this politically. You won’t see Hunter Biden attacked during this period. Sixty to 90 days out before an election. Nobody gets attacked. They attacked me,” he said.

To be fair, he’s not technically on the ballot. But on the other hand, President Joe Biden has framed the midterms as a battle against Trump’s “Make America Great Again” movement.

On the topic of 2024, the former president refused to outright answer whether or not he’s running:

“I’d love to [answer], but I can’t. I’m not allowed to legally,” he claimed.

However, he did speculate on the ways he’d act differently were he to be reelected to office, saying that this time around, he’d be better prepared since he now knows the ins and outs of Washington, D.C.

“You always have regrets, but my biggest regrets are people. When I went to Washington, I was only there 17 times — I’ve told you this — and I never stayed overnight,” he said.

“So I wasn’t into that whole world of the Washington, DC society. I was from New York. I knew everybody in New York. Now I know everybody [in D.C.]. And I know the good ones, the bad ones, the weak ones.”

Would it be worth it to run again, though, Hannity then asked, given the left’s tendency to pursue endless witch hunts against both him and his family?

Trump said it would indeed be worth it.

“Because I love the country and we were so close [to MAGA]. Before COVID came in, we had a country like never in history. We were going up … even with COVID, my numbers are better than anybody’s numbers in decades. You could add Bush and Obama together,” he said.

“Forget Biden, because his stock market now is lower than where mine was, and you’re talking about two years later. My stock market hit a record, even after COVID. When I handed it off … my stock market was higher than it was the day before COVID came in. I mean, we did an amazing job.”

During the interview, the former president also spoke about the Department of Justice’s investigation into his alleged mishandling of classified documents:

According to Trump, the investigation is moot, because the documents had already been declassified by him just “thinking about it.”

“If you’re the president of the United States, you can declassify just by saying it’s declassified, even by thinking about it, because you are sending it to Mar-a-Lago or to wherever you’re sending it, and there doesn’t have to be a process,” he said.

“There can be a process, but there doesn’t have to be. You’re the president, you make that decision. So when you send it, it’s declassified. I declassified everything.”

Staying on this particular topic, Hannity then asked Trump why he and his lawyers had recommended for the job of special master one of the judges who’d approved the phony FISA warrants against him during the Russian collusion delusion hoax:

The former president replied by framing special master Judge Raymond Dearie as a fellow victim of the hoax and conspiracy theory.

“If you look at it, he was stung badly by that because the FBI lied to him. The people in the Justice Department lied to him. So if you think about it, yes, he approved it and he got stung very, very badly by that. So, you know, we will see what happens. He’s a respected man,” he said.

His point was valid. The FBI did lie in their FISA applications. Moreover, Dearie is indeed respected as a fair, impartial, and upstanding judicial figure.

Last but not least, Hannity asked Trump whether he intends to publicly release the surveillance footage from the FBI’s raid last month of his Mar-a-Lago property:

The former president said that no, he doesn’t.

“They’ve asked me not to do it because they feel the FBI agents might be in physical harm and danger, because there is a fervor in this country. This country is so tired of the stuff. So I have not done it,” he said.

“You could pixel out their faces to protect their identity,” Hannity said in a rebuttal.

“Yeah, I guess they could do that,” Trump conceded.

“Look, I really believe that most of the people within the FBI, out of the top groups, most of the people at the FBI, they probably voted for Trump. I don’t want to have anybody hurt. But they came onto the site, they wouldn’t allow any legal representation or representation. So they go into the rooms like my bedroom, my office, they go into the rooms … wife’s closet .. my son’s bedroom,” he continued.

“There’s a picture of Hunter Biden and Barron Trump. Barron looks so innocent and Hunter doesn’t look so innocent. They said his room was raided, but his wasn’t. A terrible thing. Not even actually believable.”


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