Newsom rejects calls to run in 2024, says he’s ‘all in’ on a second Biden term

The complete collapse of the Republican Party in the midterm elections that were predicted to bring a sea change to American governance as voters rebuked the deeply unpopular President Joe Biden and his disastrous policies has quieted talk of a 2024 primary challenge to the octogenarian gaffe machine, at least for now.

One of those who were expected to mount a bid to displace Biden at the top of the ticket, California Governor Gavin Newsom, has put the speculation to rest by saying that he has no plans to throw his hat into the ring of national politics, instead insisting that he is a team player when it comes to the prolonging of Democrat control over the White House.

The Sacramento slickster sought to tone down the buzz, telling Politico, “I’ve told everyone in the White House, from the chief of staff to the first lady,” and that his message is “I’m all in, count me in.”

In politics, a matter of a few short months can see major changes and a possible Newsom challenge seemed to be imminent when he visited the White House while Biden was overseas in July, a time when gas prices were at record highs and before the media manufactured a narrative of a strong leader that pulled the nation’s 46th president’s chestnuts out of the fire, a massive propaganda campaign that likely contributed to the Democrats’ overperformance in the midterms.

Newsom’s own political fortunes have remarkably recovered after he easily survived a recall effort last year as California voters chose to stick with the one-party Democrat status quo despite his totalitarianism at the height of the COVID crisis and the hypocrisy of him being caught partying out at a fancy Napa Valley eatery in violation of indoor dining and masking orders. But at this point, he appears to be content with his role as a Biden regime attack dog.

“For the moment, he’s eager to enlist as something of a super surrogate for Biden and is looking for opportunities where he can get them. He’s targeting Elon Musk, whose purchase of San Francisco-based Twitter has alarmed liberals, suggesting the world’s richest man is using the social media platform to help his other businesses,” according to Politico.

“’I imagine there’s a reason he’s doing fundraisers for Kevin McCarthy and a reason he’s singing the praises of Ron DeSantis,’ Newsom said of Musk, citing the benefits the entrepreneur gets from Republican governors for ventures like SpaceX. ‘He’s also the beneficiary of their largesse in places like Texas and their tax credits,’ the outlet reported.

Many Democrats see the cantankerous Biden as their “Trump slayer” as attention shifts to 2024 with no clear options on who would be able to prevail in a battle with the former POTUS who, while politically wounded, still has a hold on a large segment of the GOP’s base who remain steadfastly loyal to him.

“Why would he get out now?” Douglas Brinkley, a liberal presidential historian said to Politico. “He has no clear successor and what matters here is Trump. Joe Biden is seen as the Donald Trump slayer and many Democrats think he can do it again.”

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Chris Donaldson


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