Whiny Adam Kinzinger takes issue with RFK Jr. over J6

A presidential campaign’s statement on “J6 activists” triggered former Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R) over suspicion of “winking to the MAGA folks.”

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Despite the end of the Jan. 6 committee, Kinzinger kept the kangaroo court’s spirit alive as a traveling roadshow he brought to CNN. Friday, he took his tearful energy to “The Source with Kaitlan Collins” as he endeavored to malign independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as democrats seethed at his progressive pick for running mate, Nicole Shanahan.

Earlier in the week, the Kennedy campaign had fired off a since disavowed fundraising email that appeared to sympathize with those held prisoner following the breach of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

After Collins expounded on the number of people present that day who were said to have weapons as part of her own screed against the campaign statement, Kinzinger argued, “Look, this is — this is one of the more insane ramblings I’ve heard from him and I’ve heard some insane ramblings.”

“This is his way of pleasing those that want to hear that he just hasn’t looked at the evidence in detail and winking to the MAGA folks,” contended the former congressman as he claimed the campaign was “punting” on the issue.

“His campaign has been hijacked by MAGA. Maybe not ‘hijacked,’ maybe voluntarily. And so, you’re gonna start seeing more and more of this kind of Donald Trump conspiracies, and he’s either going along with it, because that’s gonna help him raise money and get notoriety, or he truly believes it,” said Kinzinger. “Regardless, he’s absolutely wrong, and this is a frightening thing.”

Of course, the former lawmaker’s attempt at aligning the independent with the campaign of former President Donald Trump came after the Kennedy team had retracted the statement as something that had “slipped through” before being approved.

In the fundraising email that had been sent out Thursday, NBC News had reported that “Team Kennedy” wrote, “This is the reality that every American Citizen faces — from Ed Snowden, to Julian Assange to the J6 activists sitting in a Washington DJ jail cell stripped of their Constitutional liberties. Please help our campaign call out the illiberal actions of our own government.”

The campaign’s press secretary Stefanie Spear had told NBC News after the email had been distributed, “That statement was an error that does not reflect Mr. Kennedy’s views. It was inserted by a new marketing contractor and slipped through the normal approval process.”

Kennedy himself had also sought to set the record straight after the email and indicated that some “protesters broke the law” but he was “concerned about the possibility that political objectives motivated the vigor of the prosecution of the J6 defendants, their long sentences, and their harsh treatment.”

Collins made note of the 13% support that the independent campaign had garnered according to some polls that appeared to be of greater detriment to the Biden re-election bid than to Trump, a point Kinzinger said he wasn’t certain “holds up in the long-term.”

Kevin Haggerty


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