‘You’re a g*ddamn disgrace’: Megyn Kelly flips out on reporter praising SC’s Dawn Staley over trans players

Megyn Kelly tore into a USA TODAY sports reporter on Saturday, calling her a “goddamn disgrace” for her defense of men competing in women’s sports.

It began with a question from Outkick writer Dan Zaksheske to South Carolina women’s college basketball coach Dawn Staley. Staley’s team will face the Iowa Hawkeyes on Sunday for the women’s National Championship.

Noting that it’s a huge weekend for female athletes, Zaksheske asked Staley for her position on the inclusion of “biological males in women’s sports.”

“Damn, you got deep on me, didn’t you?” Staley replied.

She took her time to choose her words carefully.

“I’m of the opinion of, if you’re a woman, you should play,” she said at last. “If you consider yourself a woman and you want to play sports or vice versa, you should be able to play.”

“That’s my opinion,” she stated. “You want me to go deeper?”

“Do you think transgender women should be able to participate in college basketball?” Zaksheske pressed.

“That’s the question you want to ask, I’ll give you that,” Staley said. “Yes, yes.”

“So now the barnstormer people are going to flood my timeline and be a distraction to me on one of the biggest days of our game,” she stated, “and I’m okay with that. I really am.”

Outkick host Clay Travis praised Zaksheske on X for asking “real questions.”

“This is what real reporters are supposed to do,” Travis wrote. “Ask real questions, get real answers.”

“Great question,” Kelly agreed. “Horrific answer.”

“And this coach makes her dereliction [toward] the fairness & safety of women all about HER,” she continued. “Oh boo hoo she’ll get criticized.”

“Yeah,” Kelly stated, “we get upset when girls/women are endangered by social justice warriors who are SUPPOSED TO PROTECT THEM.”

Kelly has long been vocal in her support of female athletes.

Last year, she literally begged for someone to “put an end” to the transgender athlete’s “farce” after biological men took the top titles in women’s bicycle races.

“I am begging – begging – any college male tennis player to put an end to this farce by declaring yourself trans & playing/easily winning women’s pro tennis tournaments,” Kelly posted on X. “All it will take is one biological male to win women’s Wimbledon, French Open, etc for this disgrace to end.”

So, when USA TODAY sports reporter Nancy Armour called Staley a “goddamn national treasure” for her support of transgender athletes, Kelly didn’t hold back.

“And you’re a goddamn disgrace for abandoning our daughters,” Kelly told Armour. “Too bad, we’re winning this fight and you can cry in your soup.”


Melissa Fine


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