‘Why should he have to do it?’ Jean-Pierre sums up Biden’s attitude on not securing the border

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defended her boss Joe Biden over his ongoing refusal to do something about America’s illegal alien crisis.

The administration’s open borders policies have led to nearly four years of mostly indigent and unskilled foreigners pouring into America with many of them ending up in cities controlled by Democrats, angering actual citizens who have been forced to suffer cutbacks in essential services.

During Wednesday’s daily briefing, the high-profile diversity hire absolved the deeply unpopular Democrat of blame for the ongoing problems, passing the buck to Congress even though he has the authority to quickly shut done the border through the use of an executive order.

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“The president has the authority to do something about this unilaterally,” the reporter asked. “Congress is in a divided government right now. Why isn’t he doing anything?”

“But why should he have to do it unilaterally?” Jean-Pierre replied, a stunning answer for why Biden has allowed the country to be invaded by illegals. “Why shouldn’t we do it in a legislative way? And let’s not forget, that negotiated…“

“He used executive action before to undo some of…,“ the reporter pointed out, referring to Biden’s fondness of acting in a unilateral matter whenever it suits him.

“I know. Wait. So, you’re right, he took many executive actions before, but in order to deal with what’s happening at the border, in order to deal with a broken immigration system, you need law,” replied the historic first black lesbian immigrant to hold the position.

Jean-Pierre’s response to the question was mocked on social media, as she often is for the meandering non-answers and outright lies that have been her stock in trade since being tabbed to replace the equally dishonest Jen Psaki behind the podium.

3-D chess from KJP right here. No chance Kirby would have been smart enough to shift the blame to others and act as though Joe Biden wasn’t the sitting President of the United States,” said Trump advisor Jason Miller. “This is why KJP will remain in place as Press Secretary!”

More reactions to Biden’s spox and her buck passing.

The immigration crisis has been largely ignored by the White House which is more concerned with Ukraine and gaslighting enough Americans to win the election. An already serious problem dramatically worsened when the incoming Biden used his executive powers to end former President Donald J. Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, allowing illegals to enter the country while they wait for their asylum claims to be reviewed by backlogged courts.

Jean-Pierre’s complete shamelessness makes her the perfect poster gal for the regime and she has iron clad job security because she can’t be moved out for obvious reasons.

Chris Donaldson


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