Will the real John Fetterman please stand up? Social media goes on a ‘Fake Fetterman’ hunt

There’s an odd conspiracy theory floating on social media concerning Senator John Fetterman (D-Pa.).

Some think the Lurch-like lawmaker has been replaced by a body double.

It’s not exactly a new notion.

As BizPac Review reported, Fetterman, who suffered a severe stroke on the 2022 campaign trail, checked himself into Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to receive treatment for clinical depression.

The senator went in looking overweight and sluggish in his sweatshirt and shorts and came out looking… well… different.

Rumors started swirling that Fetterman had been replaced by a not-so-lookalike.

In April, the lawmaker addressed the “fringey fringies” with a tongue-in-cheek video.

It didn’t even slow the internet sleuths down.

“A body double would totally say that,” replied one user on X. “Good try.”

Since then, detail-obsessed diggers have only doubled down on their theory.

“How did John Fetterman grow a full beard between these 2 pictures supposedly taken on the same day?” asked “Predator Poacher” Alex Rosen on X.

Community Notes quickly swept in to say, “The picture on the right was taken by The Washington Post on April 3, 2022 during Fetterman’s senate campaign. It is not a recent photograph.”

“They can’t even do a good fake on fake Fetterman,” the popular Catturd account stated nonetheless. “This is pitiful.”

Others have been comparing photos of Fetterman’s ears.

“WTH. This is not Fetterman. Everything is different on this man on the right,” one user noted. “Where are the Dumbo ears?”

Then there’s the matter of Fetterman’s tattoos:

Fetterman’s wife, Gisele, is in on the con according to many.

“You know what’s really funny about this fake Fetterman?” one user asked. “They got his ‘wife’ out here taking pictures with all these different imposters acting like everything is normal. They really think people are stupid.”

It is unclear how many fake Fettermans are roaming the streets…

But one must wonder if they are chilling with all the “fake” Joe Bidens, Barack Obamas, and Hillary Clintons.

Melissa Fine


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