‘Woke’ Disney heiress invokes ‘Old Yeller’ to bash ‘potential Trump VP Kristi Noem’

Abigail Disney, the “woke” heiress to the Disney franchise, has been using South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem’s dog-killing story to promote the Democrat Party and its twisted agenda.

As previously reported, Noem went viral after The Guardian obtained a pre-release excerpt from her just-released memoir in which she’d written about killing her 14-month-old dog Cricket.

Noem claimed in the book that Cricket had killed a local family’s chickens and also bit her, and that this behavior meant the dog posed an intolerable risk to her and her family.

This discovery prompted massive, bipartisan backlash.

Fast-forward to Friday, when The Guardian reported it’d obtained an email from a far-left PAC written by Disney.

“My great-uncle Walt Disney knew the magic place animals have in the hearts of families everywhere,” the Disney-written email from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) reads.

“When he released Old Yeller, the heart wrenching story stayed with people because no one takes the killing of a family pet lightly. At least that’s what I thought until I read about potential Trump VP Kristi Noem shooting her family’s puppy – a story that has shocked so many of us,” the email continues.

“Walt Disney also understood story telling. Together, we must make sure all voters see how this sad Kristi Noem episode is part of the larger story of the 2024 election: America could vote into the White House extremists that glorify cruelty and lack basic empathy and compassion,” the email concludes.

Notice how Disney described Noem as a “potential Trump VP” pick. That is blatantly false. While Noem had been a potential VP pick, her chances of being chosen by former President Donald Trump seemed to disappear overnight after the dog story broke.

“Trump likes [Noem], but Trump is not dumb, and he knows she will hurt his ticket,” conservative commentator Megyn Kelly told Newsmax earlier in the week.


Kelly’s remarks are backed by a Rolling Stone magazine report citing “four sources” who claimed Trump has been “privately trashing” Noem since the dog story broke last month.

“In recent days, the former president has discussed or brought up Noem’s pup-execution in closed-door meetings, as well as over the phone,” Rolling Stone reported. “Trump, sources recount, has pointedly asked questions regarding her decision to kill the dog, including specifically, ‘Why would she do that?’ and ‘What is wrong with her?’”

“He has expressed bewilderment that she would have ever admitted to doing this, willingly and in her own writing, and has argued it demonstrates she has a poor grasp of ‘public relations.’ In these various conversations over the past week. the ex-president has also mentioned that voters generally don’t like politicians who kill dogs, two of the people familiar with the matter add,” the magazine added.

Dovetailing back to Disney’s email, she reportedly also asked readers to share photos of their pets on social media alongside the hashtag #UnleashTheVote.

Furthermore, Disney reportedly promoted a petition against “Trump and extreme Republicans who lack the character to lead our nation.”

Disney is, as previously documented, a “woke” far-leftist who’s fully embraced the Democrat Party’s radical vision for America. It was just a year ago last July that she was arrested on Long Island for participating in a disruptive climate change protest.

Disney joined members of New York Communities for Change, Planet Over Profit, and Sunrise Movement NYC — all veritable left-wing extremist groups — to specifically protest and disrupt the “exclusive vacations of wealthy fossil fuel investors and polluters driving the climate crisis,” according to a press release obtained by Fox News.

“As a person who has been privileged enough to use private jets, I know it’s hard to give up a luxury that is special. But I also know that the time has passed for spewing greenhouse gasses like this merely for our personal comfort,” Disney said in a statement of her own.

“The events of the past week alone, with Earth’s average temperature hitting an all time high, drought and fatal heat waves across the country, floods in Vermont and New York, and ocean temperatures around Florida well over 90 degrees, should remove all doubt once and for all. The wealthiest 1% uses as much greenhouse gas as the entire bottom 50%. It is time for real change and this is the most obvious place to start,” she added.

Vivek Saxena


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