Live apprehensions, high-speed chase, and border agent truth bombs mark must-see NewsNation special: ‘No one is coming to protect you’

“No one is coming to protect you.”

These are the chilling words of a U.S. border agent who spoke exclusively with NewsNation during “Crisis on the Border – A Special Edition of Dan Abrams Live.”

The special originally aired on Thursday night, but, for those who missed it, the broadcast will air again this Sunday at 10 p.m. ET. And if you want a close-up look at the chaos unfolding daily at our southern border with Mexico, it’s a must-see event.

While live on the air, Abrams cut to NewsNation’s embedded border reporter, Ali Bradley as three migrants were apprehended in Hidalgo County, Texas.

“We have some breaking news, because just as we’ve been preparing for this show, Ali Bradley, NewsNation’s border correspondent on the front lines, has been there when they just found three migrants trying to hide there,” Abrams told viewers.

(Video: NewsNation’s “Dan Abrams Live” (weeknights, 9 p.m. ET) )

As a helicopter circled overhead, Bradley, who was with Texas Department of Public Safety officers at the time of the encounter, pointed to an overgrown canal where three migrants were hiding.

“So we’re out here, we’re actually embedded with an elite brush team with Texas DPS,” Bradley reported. “They are working in conjunction with Border Patrol, so we’ve got state and federal partners working together, and we have the chopper in the air.”

Law enforcement “pulled these three individuals out” of the thick brush, Bradley said, and one of them shared some shocking information.

“One young man from Honduras,” Bradley said, “telling us that he was on the hook with the cartel to pay $16,000 to get to Virginia.”

“And guess what Dan,” she added, “they’re actually working another two people that are in the canal further up. So we’re gonna go up there, I’m going to send it back to you here. We’re going to keep our feet on the ground. And we’re gonna go after these other two people that are in the water up there.”

The NewsNation reporters “fanned out nationwide” for the special, “reporting live on the border crisis and its impact on communities, education and crime rates,” the outlet reports. “Teams used night-vision technology and a specially outfitted NewsNation border truck.”

The agents were unable to reach the other two migrants Bradley mentioned in time, according to NewsNation. “Therefore, those migrants are now considered ‘gotaways,’ migrants who successfully evade law enforcement agencies after crossing the border illegally.”

In another hair-raising clip, Bradley is seen racing down the road in pursuit of migrants “who just breached the wall.”

“So we’re going, we’re going about 105 miles an hour,” Bradley told Abrams. “We are not in a pursuit, rather a response. They have five people who just breached the wall.”

“We have already apprehended two of them on site, so we are rushing to get there before they get in a vehicle,” she explained. “If they get loaded up, then it becomes a bigger problem.”

“So I’m gonna let Lieutenant Oliveras explain that a little bit,” she told Abrams. “LT, we’re heading to the wall. What’s going on?”

“The area that we’re in right now, it’s a very dynamic situation, because as people cross the river, they’re guided by other smugglers, and then they’re able to reach the border wall in a matter of seconds and then get loaded up in a vehicle,” Oliveras told viewers.

“So our response is, as a State Police agency, you want to get there to provide support for Border Patrol, so we can prevent the other smugglers loading them up in a vehicle where then they turn it into a high-speed chase,” he said. “So we’re trying to get to that situation right now.”

“But as you can see, it’s a very dynamic situation,” he added. “We can be in one area, and then we have to respond to another area to provide that support.”

The goal, Lt. Oliveras said, was to get there “so we can arrest the smuggler. That is our primary goal as a State Police agency.”

In another portion of the special, Bradley spoke with a border agent, who chose to remain anonymous, about the current conditions along the southern border.

The agent dispelled common misconceptions about the border crisis — ones held by many Americans.

It was hardly a comforting perspective.

“The biggest thing is that we do not control the border,” the agent said. “The cartel controls the border. Everything that we do is a reaction to things that they have planned.

“Usually, we’re chasing around pawns while the kings and queens are doing whatever they want.”

In a second clip, the anonymous border agent issued a dire warning.

“No one is coming,” the agent stated. “No one is coming to protect you.”

“Even at the local law enforcement level, we’re seeing them be defunded and overwhelmed to where your life has to be threatened for them to make you a priority,” the agent explained.

“So, no one is coming. And you better self-help and self-protect.”

Melissa Fine


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