Woman caught on bodycam admitting alleged shoplifting spree was a ‘game’: ‘It’s really, really fun’

A Florida woman’s admission to a game played at a Walmart landed her in cuffs as deputies snarked, “Oh, going to jail is fun, okay.”

Monday, the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call of suspected shoplifting at a Palm Coast, Florida Walmart. Not long after they began questioning 30-year-old Amber McCann, bodycam footage showed her quickly dig a hole that left her facing drug charges as well.

“We’re doing an investigation right now. Apparently somebody walked out with-” a deputy could be heard saying before the suspect interrupted, “A cart and put it in a random car? Yeah, that’s me.”

“It’s a game I was playing,” remarked McCann of the retail theft challenge dubbed “21” before adding, “Just for the hell of it.”

“It’s really, really fun!”

The rules of the “game” were described in a press release from FCSO that read, “someone grabs as much merchandise from a store and walks out without paying for them while trying not to get caught.

“Well it’s not really a game. It’s theft,” the deputies could be heard telling McCann after she continued her claim that she had put merchandise and her purse in a “random” vehicle and that she now had to find it to return the goods to Walmart, calling it “fun.”

“Oh, going to jail is fun, okay,” one deputy reacted.

Minutes later, any semblance of fun had been stripped from the moment for the suspect as she sat handcuffed in the back of a patrol car and stressed over the reality that her boyfriend was going to learn what she’d done with the car that he had rented.

“My boyfriend doesn’t know that I steal. And he doesn’t know that I put all this sh*t in the car, neither. So I’m going to be really in trouble with him, but that’s the thing,” she said.

After deputies located the vehicle, they not only recovered merchandise valued at over $1,000 securing her with a charge of Shoplifting — Grand Theft, but they also recovered 62g of Methamphetamines, less than 20g of marijuana, two tablets of alprazolam, drug paraphernalia that included a scale and a pipe along with silver and copper 1-ounce bars and rounds in addition to a 1-gram platinum bar.

On top of the theft charge, McCann was booked into the Sheriff Perry Hall Inmate Detention Facility on charges of marijuana possession, hashish possession, alprazolam possession, possession of drug paraphernalia and trafficking in methamphetamine and was reportedly being held on a $34,000 bond.

In his own statement, Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staley remarked, “If she really thought she was playing a shoplifting game, she lost to our deputies and observant citizens.”

“Yet again, a ‘see something, say something’ caller directly contributed to the arrest of a thief and drug trafficker. Another out-of-town resident ‘just stealing material things’ from a big box store learned the hard way we enforce the laws in Flagler County and it’s illegal to steal,” he added. “She may have skipped the checkout lane at Walmart, but she went through the express check-in at the Green Roof Inn with a free set of designer bracelets — aka handcuffs.”

Kevin Haggerty


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