Woman stabbed repeatedly after verbal spat with 12-yr-old and 7-yr-old brothers, mother’s response confounds

A “remorseful” Texas mother’s excuse after her child left a woman in critical condition set social media stewing over societal erosion.

“…he’s just a boy…”

(Video: KPRC)

A verbal argument turned into a violent stabbing Saturday in northwest Harris County outside Houston, Texas and the alleged assailant was a 12-year-old boy.

Surveillance footage of the incident showed as the child and his seven-year-old brother encountered the 59-year-old victim outside her home shortly after 2 p.m. before departing the scene and returning roughly 10 minutes later, reportedly wearing gloves and carrying a knife.

“I’m sorry to the family. I’m very sorry that my sons committed the incident. And I’m praying for your health and your wellness,” said the mother in an interview with KPRC which decided to blur the woman’s face “in an effort to protect the children’s identities.”

“My son, he struggles from his mental problems,” the woman told reporter Gabe Goulding. “He has mental issues but, other than that, he’s just a boy. They all learn. We learn from our mistakes.”

According to Sergio Torres of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, the boy’s “mistakes” left the woman, who was also said to suffer from mental illness, in critical condition after the argument prompted “several stab wounds to her abdomen area.”

“From what I’ve gathered, it was just a verbal altercation,” explained Torres before the boys returned. “The female appeared to have several stab wounds to her abdomen area. The female was transported to a nearby hospital where she’s right now in surgery and is in critical condition.”

Her own mental condition was reportedly what led to her discovery and a prompt emergency medical response as Torres indicated the victim’s “brother came and checked by just to check up on her. He checks up on her daily. At that point, he just came at the right time. He opened the door and saw that she was stabbed.”

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez last posted an update Sunday that noted the victim remained in critical condition at the time and “An Aggravated Assault charge was filed on the 12-yr-old, he’s in the custody of Harris County Juvenile. 7-yr-old is not culpable by law.”

The sheriff also noted that Child Protective Services had been contacted while the investigation remained ongoing.

“I am very remorseful because I wouldn’t want that to happen to nobody. We just gotta keep our prayers up for both my family and their family,” the mother added to KPRC.

In the same way a motive for the incident had not been established, neither was the mother’s sincerity nor her grasp of the severity of the situation readily apparent. However, her attempt to apologize away her son’s actions set off a firestorm on social media as users called for her to be held responsible, wondered where the father was and even questioned the limited media attention over the violent incident.

Kevin Haggerty


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