‘You best bring receipts, girl’: Dana Loesch confronts Laura Loomer in fiery clash over DeSantis

Political activist Laura Loomer viciously attacked conservative podcast host and Second Amendment advocate Dana Loesch after she sat down with Governor Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) who stated that he is against red flag laws and is prepping to sign a constitutional carry law in his state.

“This is a blatant lie. When Parkland happened, @GovRonDeSantis expressed interest in more gun control via Red Flag laws. He’s on the record saying he supports Red Flag laws. Interesting how you’re covering for DeSantis @DLoesch after attending his ‘influencer retreat’ this weekend!” Loomer tweeted sparking off a red-hot clash between herself and Loesch.

Loesch is no political wallflower and she didn’t hesitate to clap back at Loomer, “Who said ‘Take the guns the guns first, go through due process second?’ Want a hint? If you have an accusation about me best bring receipts girl.”

The conservative firebrand is referring to comments made by former President Trump in the wake of the Parkland, Florida school shooting. He was responding to then-Vice President Mike Pence concerning Red Flag laws.

“I like taking the guns early, like in this crazy man’s case that just took place in Florida … to go to court would have taken a long time,” Trump said at a meeting with lawmakers on school safety and gun violence, according to The Hill.

“Take the guns first, go through due process second,” Trump stated at the time.

“Allow due process so no one’s rights are trampled, but the ability to go to court, obtain an order, and then collect not only the firearms but any weapons,” Pence told Trump.

“Or, Mike, take the firearms first, and then go to court,” Trump responded.

In response to Loesch’s reference to Trump on guns, Deputy Matt on Twitter commented, “It blows me away how many pro-gun people claim Trump was not bad for the 2A.”

Loesch replied, “And it blows me away how many drifting clowns – all MIA except when promoting themselves – act like we don’t know who is paid to tweet like they gotta pay their rent this month.”

Loomer was incensed over the tweet and shot back, “Who is paid to tweet? I am not paid by Donald Trump to tweet. I called you out for letting DeSantis lie on your show about being anti red flag laws, you demanded I post ‘receipts’, now you falsely accuse me of being ‘paid to tweet’ simply because I fact checked your interview.”

Loesch nailed her for the comment, “Wahhh Laura is mad because only she can question people’s independence but how dare you make her take her medicine. Answer the question Laura – who said ‘take the guns, then due process?’ Who banned bumpstocks? Who wanted to ban suppressors? Answer.”

The fight continued with Loomer appearing to be no match for Loesch.

“I brought receipts. You said DeSantis said he is anti red flag laws. I posted his own words from an article where he said he is pro red flag laws after Parkland. I accused you of being at the DeSantis influencer retreat. You were there and photographed there. Isn’t this you?” Loomer asked.

“DeSantis said it himself. I paid my way to one candidate event. I don’t hang out at them like you. But more importantly – Tell us Laura, who said ‘Take the guns first, due process second?’ Who banned bumpstocks? Who wanted to ban suppressors? Answer the question.”

“I don’t ‘hang out at Candidate events’. I don’t get invited because I blurt out too many inconvenient truths. Believe it or not, most GOP politicians don’t like me, & they certainly aren’t hanging out w/ me at their events, let alone inviting me. They all hate me. It’s ok,” she responded, never answering Loesch’s question.

Loomer is attempting to smear DeSantis regardless of the facts.

She went to The Villages on Tuesday to protest outside of a book signing event for DeSantis. The event was for the governor’s new book “The Courage to Be Free: Florida’s Blueprint for America’s Revival,” and was held at a Books-a-Million store in Leesburg, at Florida’s Lake Square Mall.

Loomer posted videos of her small contingent being asked by a security guard to leave the private property. She claimed he was a police officer which was inaccurate.

It is unclear who the security guard works for or who actually called the police. There is no evidence that DeSantis called the police on the protesters.

The security guard was wearing a bracelet proclaiming that he is a Trump supporter. He also accused Loomer and the other protesters of being like “the far left.”

“You’re acting like the far left,” the guard stated in one of the videos. “They told me to say anybody wearing Trump has to go right now … During the signing. Well, I’m sorry guys, I have to call LPD now.”

“Listen, I am a Trump supporter,” the security guard stated in another video. “I’m doing my job, dude. You’re on private property, you need to leave.”

Conservative commentator and former Newsmax host John Cardillo questioned whether the incident could have been “fake” or “staged.”

“Sorry but this looks staged,” Cardillo tweeted. “Very easy to call the bookstore and confirm whether or not this was their security guard.”

“Then call them John!” Loomer responded. “You are insane to accuse me of hiring a fake security guard. I would never do something like that. This is a real video and I have even more videos that I haven’t posted from when he called the actual Leesburg police and they threatened to arrest us.”

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