Laura Loomer ridiculed for attacking Casey DeSantis in utterly bizarre rant

If you haven’t been following the Twitter rantings of Laura Loomer since she was reinstated on the social media platform as part of new boss Elon Musk’s free speech efforts, she is vehemently pro-Trump and quick to attack anyone she considers to be a threat to the former president’s quest to return to the White House.

In the eyes of many, the greatest threat to that endeavor — other than Trump himself — is Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Loomer shares the same passion Democrats have in targeting DeSantis, spending a lot of her time on Twitter going scorched earth against him. But her zealotry may have gotten the better of her when she decided to attack the popular Republican governor’s wife, Casey DeSantis.

In an attempt to smear DeSantis as a phony, Loomer tweeted this week that his wife’s “real name” was not Casey — the targeting of Mrs. DeSantis, a mother of three small children who recently battled breast cancer, being an interesting tactic.

Loomer claimed that Jill was the real name of Florida’s first lady. In reality, that is true — her real name is Jill Casey DeSantis. Meaning “Casey” is very much her “real name.” Suffice it to say, the ridicule came hard and heavy.

And she was far from done, tweeting, “When you decide to run for President, your immediate family is up for discussion.”

Never mind that DeSantis has not even announced that he is launching a White House bid.

Loomer would also claim that the DeSantises are trying to mimic Donald and Melania Trump: “I said the image the DeSantis’s have created for themselves is fake. And I stand by what I said. I’ve never seen 2 people try so hard to be just like Donald and Melania & then pretend they never did.”

Responding to the ensuing ridicule, Loomer claimed in another tweet that all she said was that Casey was not “her real first name” — the emphasis here being on the term “first.” In reality, she said, “Did you know that Casey DeSantis’s real name isn’t Casey?”

Even Loomer’s dig about the DeSantises getting married at Disney had no real bearing, considering that was 14 years ago — long before the House of Mouse went woke:

For what it’s worth, Loomer remains banned from just about every other social media platform out there. As for the beat down she endured, behold:

Tom Tillison


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